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Valtrex & Herpes
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    Default Valtrex & Herpes

    I just got this message from a worried mother-to-be:
    Can anyone help? I'm not a doctor and not familiar
    with the herpes virus.

    "I have had genital herpes for about 3 1/2 years. I have used Valtrex in
    the past and it seemed to work great. I was then prescribed Valtrex at
    a time when I didn't have insurance and so I didn't take it like I was
    supposed to....I took it long enough for the outbreak to go away (which
    it did) and saved the rest for future outbreaks.

    I am now 8 months pregnant and I have noticed that that the herpes have
    been more active and maybe even harder to treat since I've been
    pregnant. A prescription of Valtrex was called in for me by my Dr. -
    twice a day for five days. I completed this prescription and the
    outbreak was not completeley surpressed. Could this be because I'm
    pregnant - hormones, stess, and all the other changes to my body? Or,
    does an antiviral act as an antibiotic - the virus can become immune to
    the medication (Valtrex) if the medication is not completed?"

    Does anyone know whether the herpes virus may have become immune
    to the effects of Valtrex? Could hormones be the cause?

    All the best,
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    I'm not a doctor either however I have genital herpes and have done alot of research. I think it would be a good idea for her to talk to her gyno to get some answers. Here's what I think though that the combination of stress and hormone changes are a factor. Also I do think the body is devloping an immunity to Valtrex. I take it everyday, but my doctor told me to only take it for a year. She explained to me that the body itself is building up an immunity to the virus. She can do things to build up her immune system, the virus occurs because the immune system is weakened. Such as take a mulit-vitamin, and lysine. Get plenty of rest and excerise, basically anything that will boost the immune system.

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    The Valtrex helps to treat herpes, but does not eliminate the virus that causes it. The patient suffering from herpes should feed properly. You should eat foods rich in lysine and avoid foods rich in arginine. Lysine is a barrier for your herpes outbreaks appear, arginine promotes outbreaks. Stress should also be avoided. Herpes attacks when the immune system is weak. There are natural treatments for herpes that are effective.
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    I have found valuable information for the treatment of herpes labialis. I hope it's useful. The writing exposes several treatments whose efficacy has been proven.

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