I have been prescribed venoflaxine 75mg for anxiety and depression, after 6 weeks it was increased to 150mg due to me having very high, then very low days on the lower dose, I have now been on the 150mg for around 7-8 weeks. I The side effects have been minimal however I have noticed in the last 3 weeks I am experiencing muscle stiffness in my calf’s. Initially I thought I had been doing more than normal, but now I realise that this is not the case as it’s been going on for weeks now. I’ve had my bloods checked and all came back within normal range. Has anyone experienced this? Some mornings my legs are so stiff I find it painful, I’ve tried taking paracetamol but it has little to no effect, I have tried gel ibuprofen (as pharmacy said I could not take it orally due to the venoflaxine) but this had little to no effect. I have the muscle twitching when I’m asleep / relaxing or just about to sleep, but it’s only my class that are painful.

I feel the medication is right for me apart from the muscle pain. I am being reviewed regarding my doseage on 16th Aug. I have a feeling I may be increased again as I am still having some low days and feel tired & lacking in energy until at least 12md. But I’m worried that this will increase the muscle pain.

Has anyone experienced such issues. I was previously on sertraline but had to come off of this as it made me aggressive & angry at the world & family.