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Vyvanse - Is my dosage too high or too low? Or bad reaction?
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    Question Vyvanse - Is my dosage too high or too low? Or bad reaction?

    Alright, I realize this is a stupid question but I have to ask so that I can evaluate things a bit better. All opinions are greatly valued.

    I was recently diagnosed with ADD. I started Methylphenidate (Ritalin) and had a bad experience with it. Rage, irritability, fever, red face, anxiety. Was not pleasant. My doctor took me off of it immediately.

    He then put me on 30mg Vyvanse. Vyvanse worked like a charm from the get-go. I could concentrate, I was happier, relaxed, and I had energy, motivation, and felt all around better. This lasted maybe 7 days before issues started. A few days ago my heart starts pounding, my back hurts, and the beneficial affects are gone. I have more energy, but I can constantly feel my heart beating and the discomfort in my chest is distracting and counterproductive.

    My resting heart rate is about 60, on Vyvanse it tops out at 78. Recently its been at 70-78 and pounding.

    Could cutting the dosage in half reduce the side effects and provide me the ability to gain tolerance to the medication so that I could deal with it better?

    Is it possible that a dosage can be too low and still cause this reaction? I wouldnt think so, but im covering my bases.

    or could it be that im just having a bad reaction and should be switched?

    The reason I am asking for you opinions is because in 3 days I return to the doctor and would like to have have my ducks in a row.

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    Regardless of whether your symptoms are a reaction or dose related, cardiac changes should always be taken seriously. Besides the obvious, feeling your heart pounding at an elevated rate at resting is enough to start a cycle of anxiety which then just raises your heart rate.

    I'm sure getting relief from the original symptoms must be great, but its not a good trade off for cardiac reactions. There may well be other medications that can help without the side effects. You may have to deal with some side effects, but let your Dr. decide which are dangerous and which are not. After that, it becomes an issue of what you consider an even trade off.

    Faded time

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