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xanax tapering NEED ADVICE
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    Default xanax tapering NEED ADVICE

    Hello, I could really use some advice and help I was diagnosed with anxiety attacks depression and GAD 8 years ago since then I have been on paxil and xanax. I have decreased my dose from 3mg a day to 1.5 mg and I want to stop taking them if I quit will I be okay? I am my own enemy when it comes to this because I always think when I try to stop am I going to die or have a seizure. Can someone please help me

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    Default I would suggest

    If you have it down to that why not start taking 1mg at night just so you'll not have sleep problems. Then .5 after a few days - week & then some OTC sleep aides just to keep your sleep cycle undisturbed

    That is what I would think I would do. Did you drop the dose in 1/2 right away with no problems??? If so go for it & see what happens I doubt you will have much trouble after you have already dropped your dose in half.

    So it all depends on how you reacted when you dropped your dose in half..

    let me know because I will be doing the same thing soon

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