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    Question YAZ for PMDD

    I've tried a few different bc pills in the past. Most recently, I was on Ortho Tri-Cyclen lo. I started to notice I was extremely moody and sensitive and depressed. I would freak out around the same time each month, by freak out I mean be completely emotional and cry and say mean things to my boyfriend and then the next day it felt like, I'd be completely fine and embarrassed that I "flipped out" crying like that. I couldn't understand it until I started reading on message boards and reviews. Today is my first time taking YAZ. I understand bc work differently for women and it truly is about finding the right one for you. I am hoping this works. But, how soon can I expect to see a difference? I would love to hear from anyone taking YAZ suffering from PMDD about that and any other advice.

    Thank you so much!

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    Hi B-B
    Please come back and let me know if this works for pmdd.
    I know someone that could really benefit from it if it works.
    Thanks for your help...

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