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Zolpidem safe combined with anything else?
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    Default Zolpidem safe combined with anything else?

    I have a traumatic brain injury and so it's hard as heck figuring out sleep. Been on many sedatives, sleep meds, all of it, simply because I have chronic insomnia. Currently prescribed 15mg Zolpidem, and can't fall asleep without 4-8 Benadryl at once with it if I do get to sleep. Allergic to Seroquel, Quetiapine, Temazepam, Trazodone, and Hydroxyzine.
    Zolpidem 10mg has worked for a half a year, needed more since, I need something to go with it. Did a sleep study a week ago, wrist band for 2 weeks, no answer yet. What can go with Zolpidem?

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    I was on zolpidem for about 5 years. Most nights it worked great, but occasionally I would add 1-2 Benadryl. In April 2014 I was diagnosed with Chikungunya and had Oxycodone and morphine added to my routine. Sleeping was no longer an issue, but I didn’t realize the danger I was in. In September 2015 I started having seizures. The damage was caused by the Chikungunya virus, but my meds lowered the threshold, allowing the seizures to come full force. The first visit with my neurologist resulted in the zolpidem being taken away. After a few months of adjusting to epilepsy meds and the withdrawals of the sleep med, I started getting good sleep. Again, I had no idea how much danger I was in. The zolpidem would cause blackouts even before the opioids. With your brain injury, I would discuss with a good neurologist better ways to combat your insomnia. If you feel the need to stay on the zolpidem, talk to your doctor about using herbal supplements like Melatonin, Valerian, Passion Flower, or Lavender. I take the Melatonin, Valerian, and Passion Flower in capsules. I use lavender, peppermint and wild orange oils in a diffuser. I also put the lavender on my feet and pillows at night. I also find that stretching, meditation and “sleep sounds” help considerably.
    But PLEASE talk to a neurologist before mixing anything with the zolpidem. My neurologist told me that i was lucky i never OD’d with everything i was taking. Good luck!
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    Thanks, I'll keep talking with him about what else to do. Might have to switch sedatives and to what, who knows anymore. I've tried Melatonin years ago when they fed me antidepressants to fall asleep and realized it was from my brain injury. 16/17 years old at the time, now 27 so maybe the Melitonin will work after its reintroduced into my body. Lavender works somewhat, just didn't think it really made a big difference so I gave up on things outside medicine. Never heard of using passion flower. Almost all turkey' d out, obl y have so much turkey before bed, I'll try the vitamin again. Thanks again and hope you have a good day.

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