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ADD doctors in Birmingham, Alabama
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    Question ADD doctors in Birmingham, Alabama

    I am a 26 year old male and I think that I am suffering from adult ADD. I have a hard time focusing on things, my mind goes from one thing to another, I have a hard time holding conversations with my boss and especially my fiance. I'm constantly interrupting people without noticing, and as a result, it is causing severe problems at home and at work. I'm a mechanic at a well known automobile dealership. I was wondering if anyone knows of any doctors in the Birmingham Alabama metro area who treat Add and that prescribes Adderall? My fiance, who is in vet school, suffers from ADD and is prescribed adderall and she has told me that it has worked wonders and that I need to be on it. So, like I stated earlier, I'm hoping someone will recommend me some doctors who treat add. I would really appreciate some suggestions! Thanks!

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    I found this online
    Focus MD
    3300 Cahaba Rd #202, Birmingham, AL 35223
    Hope that helped

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