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Adderall Addiction
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    Question Adderall Addiction

    I started off taking it for ADHD but am now addicted to it. I take approximately 300mg a day. I have tried to stop or decrease the dosage but I can’t and I’ll go through any means to get it. No one knows about this addiction I have. I have covered it up very well. Despite several consequences that have occurred, I continue to take it. Can anyone help??

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    wow 300mg day..

    im taking 40 a day ....i stop every 5 months c.turkey
    no more.
    better yet less 30mg
    20 only


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    I as well have had prior experience with adderral and found it to be highly addictive. It had perpetuated use of other chemicals that led to self monitoring use of adderral exactly as prescribed. I was given 120 mg a day at 95 pounds. My prescribing physician was a Harvard and MIT trained psychiatrist who was trained at NY Presbyterian Hospital. Usage of all prescription medications need to be used carefully and mindfully, I experienced withdrawal when stopping adderral. I found the medication magic, however be mindful of using. The medication is great in my opinion. I am a pro-pharma woman as long as prescription meds are part of a holistic healthcare and lifestyle discussed truthfully with an esteemed physician and develop open dialogue with the physician. If you can not open up truthfully to your physician and/or the physician fails to work with you get a new physician. Once you find one,keep them. Hope this message helps in several capacities as I have had too many medical issues and physician relationships the past 17 years. I'm truly satisfied with my primary care physician who in my opinion is the best physician in Manhattan and I trust his decisions with regards to my pharmaceuticals and holistic health regimen needed to control my health issues. Good luck!

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