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Adderall help??
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    Default Adderall use

    Good luck to you and your girlfriend. In addition to the comments above, keep in mind that it's possible to get a DUI while using Adderall or other stimulants even when they're legally prescribed.

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    i used to take adderall for diet reasons. it did the same thing to me too have you talked to her about it? i weaned myself off but my husband gave me an ultimatum. i hope everything works out for you. ohh it also made my heart do weird things its very bad for the heart.

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    i just took my last 30mg today....i have been on and off again addict for 3 years when i ran across my boyfriend's son's bottle and being the addict i am started stealing it...bad i know, i am out and will like be out for a while...also withdrawing off of tramadol which is even harder than addys....i enjoyed your post...btw I am a 39 year old teacher...female!! ******** don't know boundries!!

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    I have been taking percs for 6 months now and I was just recently prescribed oxycontin for bad arthritis pain in 60% of my body. So far I'm not addicted (knock on wood) hopefully I never will. I am scared of these so maybe thats why I'm not an addict. I too was on tramadol which didn't do squat for my pain.

    I am glad that I found this site as it has awesome information at your fingertips not to mention so many members who will help each other in a heartbeat. You would not believe how many people where I live (I live in an apartment building) found out that I have oxycontin and are trying to get some from me.

    Last week I gave one of my percs to my wife because she had a very painful boil on her inner thigh. It helped her pain enough that she lanced the boil herself. I told my doctor about that and asked him if that was bad, he said if it helped her then it was ok.

    You are supported by a lot of very helpful people here jds710. You can add me to that list too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tryingtohelp View Post
    I just posted something on a thread a m in. ago about adderall. I wish I came here sooner to read that i'm not the only one who has a problem with adderall.

    To the people who say they aren't addicted...JUST WAIT till you take it for 7 years.

    To the guy who snorted it.....I am perscribed 30mg.-TWICE day. for 6 years I took only what i was supposed to. Now unfortuatly i've got such a high tolerance to it that I NEED to take 6 or 7 30mg tablets everyday just so I don't get sick. I'm 32 married and have two small kids....I've put my husband thru hell for the last year by doing this.

    Adderall can save your life and ******************** it up bigtime!
    Do you have any problems or side effects from taking it daily for that long? I too have taken it for about 7 years now & am currently at about 100mg a day. However, I average about 4 hours or less of sleep a night and over the last 8 months have developed what feels like an 'air bubble' on the right side of my head, behind my right eye / ear.

    I believe it is nerve related, and it has actually gotten so bad that it affects my mood & mindset / concentration all day every day. I'd ask if Adderall has anything to do with it if I didn't realize that on Sundays (when I take the least amount of Adderall) it barely bothers me.

    What the heck is this pulsation that feels like squeezing pressure pulling to the rhythm of my pulse? It feels as if there's a blockage in my right ear canal (I've had doctors check & nada).

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    Default adderall

    i've been on adderall 3 years for narcolespy. if the drug is not abused it is a life saver. i can be just standing and talking to you and the next minute i would be alsleep. i use to fall down and have really hurt myself before adderall.but you must not take more than your doctor has prescribed. if you do that is when the systoms you describe seem to happen.

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