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Adderall XR >> Vicodin for Concentration/Motivation
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    Default Adderall XR >> Vicodin for Concentration/Motivation

    I have searched the internet w/limited success and I know many people here are very educated w/brain chemistry.

    Dx w/Adult ADHD-H (age 41, F), been on Adderall XR for 6 wks, 20mg bid or per doc permission can up to tid if needed. Only benefit = increased focus/lessened impulsivity. No euphoria/no motivation/no increased energy/still procrastinate (I understand it is not a 'magic pill' that will make you more motivated etc) - only reason I state this is it seems others do have these effects.

    Adderall has been causing a lot of irritability & social withdraw (very atypical of me).

    Due to Herniated Discs, have been prescribed Vicodin or Norco's, here is the weird thing. While on either (same if the 500 or 750 strength) it acts as a stimulant (this occured way before I ever took Adderall).
    *increased focus/concentration
    *tons of motivation - get so much done that I had previously put off
    *increased job performance
    *better social relationships
    *irritability goes away
    I could go on & on, it just acts for me as a stim would for other people.

    Now I am only Rx Vic/Norco maybe 3-4 times/year, I am not constantly on it and only use for true disc pain. I do not abuse it and know the dangers of going down that path (plus even if I wanted to, I would have no idea where to get it off the street).

    After hours of searching, I know this can happen to others but does anyone have a scientific reason why this is? Are opiates just hitting the 'reward center' that Adderall doesn't...I asked my Pdoc & all he said was that it is due to the frontal lobes in the brain.

    Any info that could be provided, I would appreciate - I just want to understand this as best I can.


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    Yeah! Opiates hit the reward center (namely the mu-opiod receptors) a little too hard! (A bit like driving a thumbtack into a cork-board with a sledgehammer!)

    Over time, your brain's receptors will grow "immune" and will cease to respond in the same way; you will need more and more opiates to get the desired effect. In the long run, it's a losing proposition. Please don't go there. You will become addicted eventually. It IS inevitable.

    Please contact a Dr. or pharmacist for confirmation of these statements.
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    Im 21 and it turns out I've had extreme ADHD my whole life on some random test i took a 20-24 is someone with ADHD and I had a 50. I honestly though I was just crazy haha.
    I had actually went to a new doctor to get on Suboxone for op.dependency and as it turns out many people that get up/hyper from opioids such as painkillers etc. usually have ADHD and are much more likely to become dependent on pain meds such as my self. For a lot of people pain pills make them tired unless theres some sort of ADHD. And Adderal can help reduce the amount of opioids some one may need if ph.dependent. Hope that made sense.

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