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Advice on subutex taper method please...
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    Default Advice on subutex taper method please...


    I have been having a look around the site & have taken note of Robert's taper method...however I have a couple of questions & am also seeking some additional advice.

    I have been using >>>>>> for 22 years, over the last 3/4 years I have had a few months totally drug free & each time I have just done a straight cold turkey off of the
    H, however after relapsing yet again I made a decision to seek professional help & support and in April this year I was put on Suboxone, starting at 8mg daily and tapering down on a regular basis. Unfortunately when I was down to 1.6mg a day, I started to use H again and continued to do so for approx 3 months (didnt use the sub whent taking the H)..

    I am now back on the subutex & have been taking them for 16 days and have managed to taper myself down from 8mg (suboxone) to 2mg (subutex). I just want to get off these things as quickly as possible and I appreciate that whichever method I use I will experience some withdrawal. However I am really scared as I keep looking on the internet and reading all these horror stories about withdrawal and PAWS and am beginning to think I should have just done a straight withdrawal off the H without taking anything as I have previously done. Though I just couldnt get my head around doing it that way this time.

    I was wondering if because I had a break in the time that I was on H and not taking sub when relapsed will it be as bad as I think?

    I will be following Robert's advice to get myself off of the 2mg...doing the 25% reduction.

    I was just wondering if anyone can give me any additional advice or their experience if similar. Also can anyone give their experience with PAWS and
    and any advice to help combat PAWS.

    Many thanks

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    I forgot to add that I am based in the UK. I am also lucky enough to have an excellent GP who is experienced in helping people with addiction problems. I was initially being prescribed through a Drug Agency but have now been passed back to my GP as the agency only see you for a specific period of time.

    I should be able to ask her for any additional support as I near the end of my sub taper but I'm not sure if there is anything that would help with withdrawal &/or PAWS as mentioned above.

    I mentioned being in UK as I notice quite a lot of the posts on here are US based and we do not necessarily have the same medications available as you do. I am also lucky enough with being in UK to not have to pay for my prescription as I am on a low income.

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    hope ...... Very few people actually experience true PAWS. I went through it after months of being clean and you'll know it if you have it. Most people just use a long time and it takes them a good while to get clean. A week doesn't work for hardcore addicts as a rule. The thing to remember about PAWS is that if you don't use they'll go away. That's a guarantee. It's like your brain is trying once last time to get you sixty or ninety days down the road. Don't expect it to happen to you.

    Being an old >>>>>> addict I would stay away from subutex as it's more easily abused. Subxone works better for >>>>>> addicts with the naloxone. And stay away from the H.

    Here is the link that outlines the way to do this successfully. Let me know if I can help. Been doing this a long time. God bless.

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    Thanks Robert for your prompt response...yeah will not be going near the H, got a lovely Xmas with family to look forward too & am not messing that up for anything!!! Sticking with the subutex as am on such a small dose I don't want to start splitting tablets up. I am aware of why I relapse and am working on this with my drug worker who I see weekly, so all I can do is to carry on as I am doing and work towards getting off the sub and getting my life back.

    Have cut down to 1.2mg today...onwards & upwards

    Thxs again will keep you posted
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