I have severe fibromyalgia that causes all the main symptoms, pain, feeling weak and exhausted (which gets worse if I push it), and cognitive issues (memory probs, brain fog, can't multitask, easily distracted, hard to focus, etc). All of these symptoms vary in intensity and vary day by day, and throughout each day. I have a severe case and right now I am in bed most of the time.

A psychiatric nurse practitioner told me there are two new ADD drugs- Adzenys and Evekeo that help people without causing anxiety (I have issues with anxiety). I guess I'd be taking the medicine off-label.

1. Are these drugs addictive? If they are can you take them some days and not others to not get addicted?

2. Is there anyone else that has been prescribed these drugs or other ADD drugs for chronic fatigue and has it helped?

Thanks for your feedback!