I’ve only been taking this combo a short time. My doctor told me the nickname and I had to google it, and it seems it’s a celebrity pharma title, but if it helps my depression, neuropathy and panic I’m ok with it. Whatever.

I have taken Remeron before, mainly as it helps me sleep. Effexor though, scares me a bit. I even dug up a warning on a NIH website about Effexor withdrawals and driving. I’ve never seen a warning about opioid withdrawals and driving, through one might exist. That and another site, possibly wiki, mentioned Effexor was structurally related to PCP, has me concerned.

However, I’m going to give “California Rocket Fuel” a try. I’m only really noticing side effects so far, palpitations, wicked dry mouth, mild nausea and some odd visual effects (sorta like pixilization on a computer, very transient tho).

I hope it helps, eventually. I developed a terrible depression, and Wellbutrin wasn’t helping. The traditional SSRI’s make me horribly sick, and my doctor said the tricyclics would likely cause problems as well.

Has anyone had good results with this combo?