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Chronic Fatigue Drug Treatment
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    Default Chronic Fatigue Drug Treatment

    Hey all,

    So currently I am seeing 1 psychiatrist at my university for depression/anxiety/fatigue related conditions I experience. While my depression & anxiety have somewhat improved by my taking of Effexor, Wellbutrin, and Buspirone for the past year or so, I have been dealing with residual levels of fatigue/tiredness on a more consistent basis for some time. Based on what I've gone through, the medications I currently take are not affecting my affinity for wanting to sleep in the afternoons on most days.

    So, I have been discussing with my current pdoc lately regarding an add-on or replacement drug to my current regimen so that my chronic fatigue levels can be handled more efficiently. Exercise, nutrition, sleep hygiene, and diseases are all accounted for (no significant irregularities) so at this point my cause of fatigue is unexplained, meaning it is considered chronic fatigue syndrome or the like.

    After doing some research and giving some thought to it, I feel like trying a low-dose of a stimulant medication like ritalin or adderall could be a good method to help combat my daily fatigue while also combining this strategy with a more active schedule so that I do not fall back into my habit of napping during the day several times or regressing to relatively inactive lifestyle (I am in college and overall healthy and thin).

    I really think a stimulant would be very helpful for my condition in the short-term, and I have very recently been put on Nuvigil, although just for one week - and it has helped greatly - although my insurance wouldn't cover it & it is very expensive ! For a 1 week supply it costs $ 100 !

    Sorry for the long message, but any advice is greatly appreciated !
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    Also want to mention that my pdoc is considering to allow me on a stimulant after I report back to him next week. When I asked him about cheaper alternatives to Nuvigil, he said that Nuvigil is the only drug in its class for promoting energy or wakefulness. I don't think that this is true, however, as cheaper generic drugs like amphetamine are often used for chronic fatigue syndrome off-label. I am using Nuvigil off-label anyhow for fatigue.

    I would think that since I can't continue the Nuvigil due to its high cost, and I need to still be on a stimulant, that the only other option is to take one of these drugs (adderall, ritalin, etc.).

    I also asked 2 pharmacists and both agreed that something like adderall is a wise alternative to the ridiculously priced Nuvigil.

    What do you guys think ?

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