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Cipralex (Escitalopram) Side Effects
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    Question Cipralex (Escitalopram) Side Effects

    I started Cipralex 8 days ago. The first two days started on 5 mg, then went up to 10 mg. My depression was alleviated almost immediately. I felt very nauseous and horrible insomnia and loss of appetite but my mental state was better than it had been in a while (probably partially placebo). I got extreme mood swings and manic periods, but even the lows were nice because I had been numb for a while. The side effects started to level off and on about day 5 I felt nothing at all. Day 7 HORRIBLE anxiety kicked in. It's weird because I feel very clear headed so I know it must be starting to work. I keep having awful panic attacks but I have the rationality to not act on irrational thoughts, or take them seriously. I can acknowledge that this anxiety isn't "real" and separate my brain from it, but the feeling in my chest is so tight and burning it's still awful.

    This would all be manageable, but I have finals next week. Everyones experience I've read seemed different so just wondering; did anyone's negative emotional side effects, especially not heightened anxiety, kick in until after a week at the full dose, and if so, did it last long?

    Please help I'm going crazy waiting for this torture to end!!!

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    Hello cat, check the link below, there may be some insight into your situation? I hope you are doing better on the lexapro? Take care... God bless us all!

    Keep posting and updating?

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