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Clean & Free of Subs, day 19 hasn't been bad wd
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    Default Clean & Free of Subs, day 19 hasn't been bad wd

    I have been a long time reader and I've seen so much positivity on here that I just wanted to post and say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! You have all inspired me and helped me to make the jump, and things are going well...but I'm doing it alone...and that was scary for me as no one knows, not my boyfriend (who is Very active), friends or my family. I was a closet addict for years after a car accident...back know the story...and I'm so glad that its FINALLY OVER!! I'm crying as I type this, as this is the first time I let anyone know about my issues....

    Fast forward to today, I am 19 days clean from suboxone and everything else. (Although I do still drink wine.) I decided to get a plan and just do it!! Having a plan is key. This is my second (& final) attempt to get off Subs. The first time I had no plan and it was a disaster. I got back on subs after 5k days.

    This time I did a liquor taper and I have to tell you, it wasn't easy, but it wasn't exactly hard either. I've been active and working the entire time. I weened down to .25mg for a few days and then just quit. I was on subs for 5 years. I went down to 1mg and was there for almost a year (did this on my own), then went to .5, then .3 for a few weeks, then .25 for a few days, then quit.

    I haven't had any real issues except sleep and energy...i'm so so tired some days (like today) and I have NO, I mean NO motivation to do anything. And it's been tough as my boyfriend doesnt understand why I've been so tired and emotional....BUT there are SO MANY POSITIVE THINGS about quitting!! I laugh A LOT MORE, & I FEEL things again! And sex is just AMAZING (I know, but it had to be said), food tastes so good, I think I've gained a lb or two, colors, smells, everything is better...but my energy and sleep...when does that return to normal?!?!

    I don't sleep well and I don't know if it's because of hormones and adrenal fatigue (just saw my Dr and got my hormone panel back), or if it's withdrawal and my body getting back to normal, or both?

    Any advice on the sleep and lack of motivation (depression?) issues? When does it get better?

    There are some days that I have so much energy that I don't know what to do with myself then there are other days when i feel like lead and have no motivation to do anything (like today), but I just think thar it's just my body and brain getting back to normal, whatever that is.....and it will get better.

    I just want to let people know that YOU CAN GET OFF and it CAN BE SUCCESSFUL!!! Just prepare yourself, get a POSITIVE mindset, a plan of action, some vitamin/supplements to help, exercise...I can explain more later if anyone wants to know what I used to help with withdrawal as my symptoms have been minimal except in the pm.
    these supplements helped me the most
    -dl-phenalalanine (to help brain and mood)
    -Kratom (in small doses to help with the 'stretchies')
    -sleep aid
    -Epsom salt baths
    Wow this is long, sorry...I'll end here. But please FREE YOURSELF AS YOU DONT HAVE TO BE A SLAVE TO THIS DRUG YOU CAN GET OFF AND IT DOENST HAVE TO BE DEBILITATING AND YOU DONT HAVE TO BE SCARED!!! There are SO many great people on this forum to help! THANK YOU ALL!!! MUCH LOVE
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    19 days..
    That is awesome..

    You are doing all the right things.
    Feeling proud
    All those things get your own endorphins going again..
    Is another really important thing if u are not doing it..
    Sleep is usually the last to return
    Then kind of goes with energy..

    I am 17 months clean and sleep great..
    But still take a Tylenol pm on nights I can't and have to get up early got work..
    Idk if it past opiates or just plain life but sometimes I can't fall asleep exactly when I want too so I take one of those..
    It works good with n hang over in the am..

    Our brains don't have to produce endorphins or natural melatonin while we were on pills or sub so it
    Takes a little while to get it going again..

    But it I'll happen..
    Hang tough..
    The best is yet to come!
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