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Clonidine in toddlers
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    Exclamation Clonidine in toddlers

    My 2 year old son was just diagnosed by a Pediatrician with mood disorder and given a prescription for Clonidine. The doctor said he is not ADHD and that Ritalin would make him worse. My son has not been sleeping well since Sept., he is very hyperactive and very aggressive at times. I have tried everything that the doctors have told me to do from Melatonin to Benadryl to diet. Nothing is working. I am scared to give this medication to my child. Just wondering if anyone else has come across this situation and if it has helped. I just want to know that it is safe to give to him.


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    I would get a second opinion

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    Wink Clonodine in Toddlers

    Hi Jennyanne33,
    You really should get a second opinion about your son. Take him to a child psychologist. He/She will be able to tell you whether or not he has ADHD by a very extensive questionaire you fill out on him. My 4 year old was just diagnosed with ADHD and from your posting, your son acts just like mine did before he was diagnosed. Our child psychologist diagnosed him but we had to take him to a child psychiatrist after that so he could prescribe him the meds that he needed which was Adderall XR and, clonodine for when he goes to bed. Children with ADHD cannot relax themselves enough to get to sleep. It is only 0.5 mg and I break the pill in half and it really helps him. We've only been on these meds for a week, but so far so good. Psychologists cannot prescribe. Psychiatrists can. Like our psychologist told us, ADHD IS NOT from bad parenting. It is a real condition and if your son has this, he needs help and now. Get him diagnosed while he is still young so that when he gets in school he won't have any trouble and you won't get letters sent home every day because he cannot set still or concentrate on his work. You can email me anytime you want to if you have anymore questions. I've been through all the processes with my 4 year old. Good luck..

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    Post Clonidine

    My 5 year old has been taking clonidine for over 2 years now. He does have ADHD but also does NOT produce enough melatonin to sleep. Nothing else has worked except for clonidine. We've had to up the dosage as he got older but all the same it is still the only substance to help his body shut down.

    Hope this helps.

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