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Combination Anti-Anxiety/Anti-Depressant Drug
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    Default Combination Anti-Anxiety/Anti-Depressant Drug

    Good Morning All,

    I am a 24 year old male diagnosed with post-traumatic stress, general anxiety disorder, and depression. The more information I give you, the more you can give me I assume.

    I feel uncomfortable in unfamiliar surrounds, around unfamiliar people, and I panic in situations where I have no control. I often spend time planning ahead, ditching plans that deviate from original plans, and basically living a sheltered lifestyle to keep myself more complacent. I also don't sleep well.

    Approximately four months ago, I was prescribed Xanax. I tried the generic version for two weeks and felt no noticeable difference. I read in a few forums that some members had experienced better results with the brand name UpJohn Xanax, so I gave that a shot at the same dosage for two weeks. The results were instant. I slept well. I felt better overall. I'm now up to 4mg per day. I can go to events and feel more comfortable. Nothing is perfect. I still plan ahead, I still don't like changes, but I feel a lot more comfortable with the things I cannot control. I also found myself more even-keeled. I had tendencies to become very agitated very quickly and I found that's no longer the case.

    However, for years I have justified and ignored a large symptom of emptiness. I was in therapy for a few years learning to control and understand my behavior. Over the years, I've found several control mechanisms and ways to help self-medicate without medication. I refused antidepressants because of their impact on my sex drive.

    I recently became engaged to a woman I love and care for deeply. However, for years I've struggled with my ability to be emotive. I can't feel happiness, I can't feel gratitude, I can't feel intimacy. I feel like I'm not myself. I've gradually slid into being a person who can fake all the intricacies of basic human emotion without being able to feel many, if any of them at all. I feel anger and resentment quite well (controlled of course) but I struggle with happiness and sadness in particular. I feel very numb to the world around me.

    Now, I want to be clear. I'm not suicidal, I don't go about in pity for myself or blame my poor adoptive, abusive childhood for my problems. To my coworkers, friends, and family, I'm a relatively normal guy who is very intelligent, capable, and excels at his job. I'm just tired of faking emotions and making my way through the world without feeling any "color."

    There are two questions to ask but let me preface: This day and age, every penny counts. Through my insurance I co-pay $100 for UpJohn Xanax. In my opinion, it's been worth every dollar for the dividends it's paid from the point I started. However, if there is a drug that combines the treatment of anxiety with the effectiveness of Xanax and can also combat a moderate-to-high diagnosis of depression, I would prefer going that route to save on the co-pays.

    This opens a can of worms among members everywhere who would argue the drugs are identical, perhaps I received a bad batch initially, etc. The point is, I take what I take, I spend what I spend, and I am satisfied with the results. My health will take presidence over everything else.

    What are some of most commonly prescribed and/or highly recommended medications for my description? Preferably from people with medical experience or problems identical to that of my own. Also, if Xanax is so effective at treating my anxiety and sleep issues, what would work in tangent with Xanax for depression and has tried and tested results?

    I would appreciate any advice. I have a doctor's consult early next week and I'd like to be as well-informed as possible.

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    Default To Misled

    Hello Misled,

    As a senior, my first reaction is that you are much too young to be feeling despondent. Then I recall my youth in which I have had similar feelings about myself and life.

    One suggestion I have is that you might focus on the positive aspects of your life, positive feelings. Write them down. You mention you are engaged. There's obviously so much happiness in being engaged to the woman you love.

    I have never taken Xanax. I can't intelligently respond to your situation; however, I have been on anti-depressants for years. For me, they only work for about six to nine months at a time. I change brands, trying to find one that keeps me functioning. Could Xanax have the same life-span of effectiveness?

    Your reply is welcome and appreciated.


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