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Depression, Anxiety, Panic disorder, and PTSD medication combo ?
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    Question Depression, Anxiety, Panic disorder, and PTSD medication combo ?

    I have suffered with Depression since I was 17 (almost 37). This comes and goes, and seems to be effected mostly by situations. (family issues, money worries, etc)
    However the depression started due to a traumatic event. (rape) I was also diagnosed with PTSD from this same issue. I have suffered from Anxiety and Panic attacks on and off as well since the event.

    I get slight anxiety when I am out and feel like I got lost, (turned on the wrong street) things like that. Just get the fast heartbeat and light sweating. But I also have the "full blown" panic where my chest hurts so bad I feel like I may die, feel like I can not catch my breath, dizzy, numbness and tingling in hands, feet, and face, and sweating.
    I have tried SEVERAL meds.. I know that not everyone will like the same meds and we may each have others that work better for them... I want to know what works for you and why you feel that way.

    I was on Klonopin 1mg 1 in am and 2 in pm, felt they were not working as well after several months and asked to raise the dose. (I had moved and my new doc doesn't like this med and took me off it )
    switched to lamictal 100mg once a day. I started severe night sweats within a few days of this, and would rather go back to my other med or find a better one

    I was on Paxil and it seemed fine, but when I asked about above meds, she wanted to switch this one too, and put me on lexapro 20mg once a day. I have taken this in the past and it seems to work fine this time too, but up to hearing about other options.

    New doc also decided to add buspirone 10mg three times a day a few weeks ago, Now I get these electrical shock feelings that come and go. it's weird and annoying feeling. may be from this med, or combo of meds, I don't know.

    Now I still have "break through" panic. Chest hurts, feel like I can't catch my breath, etc.

    If you have any ideas on something better to use please let me know, if you used these and just needed to adjust them slightly for a better result that would help too. At this point I almost want to stop them all and start over with something different all together.

    Sorry so long but that you for taking the time to read and give your input.

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    Hi Cristy,

    I am not doctor but I think Ritalin can help you. I am on Ritalin and it works. Ritalin is a brain stimulant medicine which is mainly used to treat ADHA and Narcolepsy but it is also used to treat depression as a supplementary medicine. I use buspirone, Ritalin. Please note that buspirone interacts with fluoxetine.
    I use buspirone 20 mg/day/morning and noon - Ritalin 60mg/day/morning and noon and propranolol 20 mg/day/morning and noon. I am almost OK with this combination and dosage but if I can use an antidepressant that dose not interact with buspirone I think it is better.
    If you or anybody else knows such an antidepressant, please let me know.
    Buspirone itself is a good anti-anxiety medicine, again I say that it causes serotonin syndrome if to be taken with SSRI (like fluoxetine) especially with Zolpidem. I had a bad experience of taking zolpidem/buspirone/fluoxetine. Buspirone has interaction with grapefruit juice and less with orange, lemon juice.
    Do not take buspirone after 4:00 p.m. because it leads to insomnia. Ritalin shall be used before 2:00 p.m. for the same reason.
    To overcome insomnia I use lorazepam which is not so good but better than nothing.


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