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Depression - What do I do for doctors to describe the medications I urgently need.
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    Default Depression - What do I do for doctors to describe the medications I urgently need.

    Hey everyone, im 22 years old and have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder. I worked in pharmacies for a long time and fully understand the effects of these drugs. Yet my doctors wont prescribe them due to the addictiveness they may cause. But im getting really bad anxiety attacks, and very bad depression. Suicidal thoughts and such. I really need help and the doctors keep giving me long term anti depressents that arent working and some very simple sleeping aids that are useless. What do i do?
    I am becoming really scared of hurting myself and also have completely withdrawn my self from the world. Havent gone out in about 5 months, my life feels useless and not worth it. I dont talk to friends or family. Doctors made me jump through all the pill hoops and nothing is working. I tried xanax and it worked wonders for me. I understand the side effects and the possible addiction, but honestly my life is withering away and i believe a benzo such as xanax will help

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    What anti-depressants have you taken, and/or are currently now taking ?

    In my opinion, a worthwhile strategy is to be on an anti-depressant (one that is prescribed for several anxiety disorders as well such as Zoloft or Effexor) while simultaneously treating yourself as best you can with respect to your health. What I mean by this is pursuing some form of exercise, especially running, while eating a well-balanced and healthy diet. With time if you devote enough effort to this, you will definitely experience some form of improvement.

    It's tough, very tough, but you can't rid yourself of your turmoil by putting yourself in a dark corner and withdrawing from everything - it only worsens what you are going through.

    Best of luck, and really put some effort in (research) into finding a respectable psychiatrist or doctor that specializes in depression & anxiety disorders.

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    NeedingHelpFast ...... Take it from someone with a past history of over 35 years of benzo use. Benzo addiction, especially from xanax, is the worst. Violence just gave you some very good advice.

    Isolation is the worst thing you can do. Exercise and physical activity are the best therapy for almost any problems related to anxiety and depression. It gets your endorphines working naturally resulting in your overall well being.

    There are always other drs that may better understand and be better able to deal properly with your condition. But there are better ways than xanax to deal with this. Xanax is probably the worst of all benzos as it has the shortest half life of all, only 4-6 hours, and is thus the easiest to get into trouble with.

    Get another opinion from someone you check out and know is good. But don't go in demanding xanax. If the dr is worth your time to go see then listen to what they suggest. Either do what they say or go to a better dr. But don't self diagnose and be so sure xanax is the answer. It may well be, but get that advice from someone who really knows. It's an easy way out for a while but it leads to hell. I've been there and it isn't a nice place! God bless.
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    I am not a dr. My statements are based on years of experience and related education. Consult with the professional of your choice regarding matters of concern.

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    For the most part psychiatrists will not prescribe drugs for off label use to treat depression. Generally this is for good reason but having chronic treatment resistant depression myself I understand how frustrating it can be to have to wait so long just to find out another medicine is not working.
    I myself know that Tramdol works for wonders for my depression but I do not want to take it unless my doctor decides I need to. I have self medicated before and do not want to take that risk again. I have found several journal articles relating to Tramadol and depression. If I can not find relief in any of the medications my doctor is prescribing me I plan on taking the articles to her. The only other option I think I would have is ECT and while I would be willing to try the memory loss seems like a pretty bad side effect.
    You need to at least give your doctor a chance to try what they want to try. It would be unreasonable to expect to walk in a doctor's office and have them just give you a script for Xanax. If they did so they would likely lose their practice fairly quickly.

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