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Do I really need Lexapro?
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    Default Do I really need Lexapro?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a 20 year old college student, and I do believe I have a very mild case of GAD which my doctor diagnosed. (I get very very nervous and axnious before tests, even sometimes when studying), and it has affected my life in that I get anxious around a lot of people, new people, or approaching girls in circumstances related to dating (IE. I get to nervous to ask a girl out, even despite when it is a lock , I'm not a person that should have this trouble). When I'm with people, I'm friendly, outgoing, etc. as long as I am comfortable with them. But they notice that I constantly have leg shaking, etc...

    I also tend to dawn on negatives (like the occasional low grade), and let them bother me for a while, a test two weeks from now will have me anxious, I'll be anxious and enjoy things less when I'm awaiting a grade that may come in, etc...

    Anyway, I've read the side effects of SSRIs, mostly thanks to this awesome forum, and I'm wondering if anorgasma, weight gain, and the withdrawal of coming off them, combined with the $40 cost (with Blue Cross, mind you), is really something I should take, or if I should pursue other avenues instead..

    Thanks a bunch.

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    Dont do it. Find a good therapist, preferably a Cognitive Behavior Therapist who specializes in anxiety

    If u can avoid the antidepressant road, avoid it. Before u know it ull wake up 10 years later and think "why the ???? did i ever get on something like that..i wish I just learned how to deal with my problems naturally"

    Once again, if u have SERIOUS issues that make you suicidal or completely unable to function, thats a different story

    But this is a road you dont want to go down, atleast thats my opinion

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