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Effexor - missed dosages effects?
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    Hi. A complete newbie to the forum. Am not entirely a sharer.

    I have been on Effexor XR for quite some time - since 2005. I take 150mg per day - one in the morning, one in the evening. he problem is everytime I ran out of meds, even for just a day, I get plagued with nightmares.

    The nightmares are bizarre: I feel conscious throughout the nightmare, I know that I am having a nightmare, and that I have to *snap* out of it. I thankfully do. But as soon as I close my eyes and fall back asleep, it happens again.

    Just right now - in a span of 2 hours - I had probably 3 nightmares. And it is only 3am.

    Has anybody ever undergone a similar situation when they miss just even a day of Effexor XR?

    Now I am wondering if I'd ever get off this drug. It's done wonders for me with regard to my depression - but it punishes me severely when I skip a dose! At least it seems that way.

    Has anybody had a similar experience?

    Am speaking to my docs and picking up my meds as soon as he opens his clinic today. (It is only 4am and I just went to bed at 1am... After a long day at work.)

    Thankful for any help, info, thoughts.

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    I was on Effexor ER, same dose as you are, and yes, same thing happened with me. It is the start of withdrawal symptoms. My withdrawal was brutal, it took months to feel normal, but I did it cold turkey- not recommended. Good luck. If you do stay on it, just try your best to take them at very specific times.
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