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Effexor and sleep disturbances
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    Unhappy Effexor and sleep disturbances

    I've been on Effexor (Venlafaxine) now for two weeks. First week was 37.5mg, the second week I've upped it to 75mg. I'm now having issues with sleep disturbances. I fall asleep easily enough but then wake around 2-5am and struggle with falling back to sleep, having overwhelming ruminating anxious thoughts like generalized anxiety that I haven't otherwise suffered from in over a year, and after that I struggle with sleeping without waking over the least bit little thing. It's like I never enter deep REM sleep during the night anymore and it's driving me nuts. I have no dreams.

    Please, those of you who have been on Effexor for years and like Effexor, tell me if the sleep disturbance as side effect eventually passes, or if it stays like this all the way through. If it does, I'd love to change to another medication. I used to be on Lexapro and never had sleep issues. Hope you can let me know.

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    Have you tried taking it at night?

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