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Going from Suboxone to Methadone
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    Default Going from Suboxone to Methadone

    I was wondering if anyone had experience in switching from Suboxone to Methadone? This isn't something I want to do but I may be forced too due to cost concerns. I've been on Suboxone for almost two years after a crazy bad addiction which spiraled out of control into a pretty bad >>>>>> habit. I started off on the highest dose of Sub possible which is 32MG and now am down to 16MG. I am very stable, I haven't relapsed, my mood is for the most part consistently good, and everything is else is going fine aside from the initial weight gain. I'm a 23 year old male who is 5'10 with a medium frame so my ideal weight should be around 155-175 lbs. However, after getting on the Sub I ballooned up to almost 240 pounds due to increased appetite and a nasty sweet tooth. I'm gradually losing the weight and I now weigh 215 pounds from dieting. The other issue I have which is the main thing that I hate about Suboxone is the excessive sweating it makes me have.

    Anyways, I paid for the subs out of pocket for the first 4-5 months until I got on the patient assistance program through reckitt benckiser which covered the cost of my medication for a year. That expired this past March but luckily thanks to Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) I was able to get back on my Mom's health insurance. Well, the insurance was going fine till last month when I got a notice that I was being kicked off of the insurance due to my "preexisting condition." That condition is me being an ex "opiate dependent person" aka drug addict. Now, I'm stuck paying out of pocket again and for a month's worth of medication which is 60 strips it will cost over 400 dollars...The same goes for the tablets. I could try to get prescribed generic Subutex which will only run me around 230 dollars a month but RB has really been bashing Subutex lately and doctor's are very apprehensive to prescribe it unless you are pregnant or allergic to Naloxone. Either way, I do not make enough money to pay for my medication and I don't feel like lowering my dose since i'm extremely comfortable where I am.

    So, now to my multi-part question...What is the jump from Suboxone to Methadone like? Can I get it prescribed or do I have to visit a clinic? How long do I need to lay off the Suboxone before I can start taking the Methadone or can I start taking it right away? What would an appropriate dose for someone like me who has an extremely high opiate tolerance but has been clean on Suboxone for two years? I was thinking 80-100MG should be sufficient. My insurance may get reinstated but that could take months or not happen at all...Then, I can apply for some program through Obamacare but that also could take months and I just wont be able to afford it. So, is this something that is worth exploring for me or should I stick with what is working?

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    Don't go back to methadone from subs. First of all the subs would initially block the opiate effect of the methadone, you'll be going backwards, there are a multitude of reasons NOT to do this. The only way I would ever suggest this is if you are going to need methadone for LIFE as a chronic pain patient. Explain your financial situation to the sub dr, offer to sign a waiver that you're going on the generic subutex against the dr's suggestions, and GET YOUR DOSE DOWN!!! No one needs the amount of subs you're taking. You should read the following link. It explains the process I've used here for years working with sub patients. We can have you totally clean in a couple months if you will follow what I ask you to do to the letter. Read the following link VERY closely. Then tell me how I can help you. God bless.

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    I'm making the switch from Subs to Methadone today. I studied both. Don't let people scare you into not doing what's right for you. It's only switching from Methadone to Subs that's a problem because you have to be sick as >>>> before beging subs again. I was clean 5yrs through NA working steps and still relapsed. I feel cleaner and more normal then I ever have being on medical assistant treatment. I have to switch from Subs cause of an allergy to them. Thier making me sick and giving me bad Edema. They don't work for me the right way. I'd much rather go to methadone then risk withdrawals and relapse especially since most dope isn't dope and your playing with your life everytime. Eventually I'll come off MAT but I'm good for now.. don't care what others think cause at the end of the day it's me who looks in the mirror and is beginning to accept and like who I see a lil more. The Methadone takes a lil time to build I hear. My friend said it worked great for her when she switched. After a few days as the bupe comes of your receptors the methadone will.take over. Have a blessed day

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