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Has xanax ever did this...
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    Default Has xanax ever did this...

    been taking xanax .5 3x's day for about month. other night was in the store and had taken xanax 6 hours before and felt dizzy and heart rate shot up to about 110 and so i went and took another and it stayed that way for bout an hour then i went to bed n felt tired the next day and so i started taking the xanax ever 6 hours this past week and ive still had anxiety but no attacks. went to dr yesterday and had ekg which was fine and hes scheduled me for stress test and echo because i asked and ive drove this in the ground til hes tired of it lol..anyways i took xanax last night about 7 and was riding home with fiance and felt warm all over, ive had a sinus problem and it felt like i had warm feeling run thru my scalp for a second and then my vision got a lil blurry and my heart rate increased again above 100 it never got above 105. Ever since this past weekend when this happened ive been checking my pulse constantly and taking the xanax every 6 hours instead of 8 like i had been. Is this normal for xanax after youve used it for a lil while? This has only happened twice so far, last saturday night and last night. Thanks.

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    Default Not sure if its the xanax??

    Sorry I can't be sure because I've been taking 4mgs at bedtime for awhile / months now & never felt all that but since the dr's were seeing a pattern of my BP going thru the roof due to other reasons my pulse hasn't been under 100 since I've been watching & logging it. It stays between 100-120+ & this is during the day & at night & I only take the xanax @ bedtime.
    Believe it or not but the 4mgs isn't even getting me much sleep & never really did. But it does wonders for relaxing me @ bedtime.
    Good luck
    How old are you & are you taki ng anything else & how about your over all health?? Maybe someone else will see something

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