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Help + need info related to suboxone plz
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    Default Help + need info related to suboxone plz

    So , my story to bring us to the present is that i had been on 100mg of liquid methadone for around 8 months or so, went down 10mg a day until i got to 30mg, then took the 20+10 the next day to also take 30mg since the 10mg was about to evaporate out of the bottle.
    the next day i took around 3mg of suboxone and got precipitated w/d.
    The next day i started what the doc said to take, which is 8mg in morning and 8mg at night.

    it had me up for almost 2 nights through day 3-4, it was working well u could say.
    i finally got my 7 hours of sleep last night but this morning tho when i woke up at day 5, i took my usual 8 mg and before it fully dissolved my stomach puked it all out, then after my usual red bull(which doesnt make me puke) i felt warm n fuzzy and no need to retake any suboxone expecting to take another 12 hours later.

    12 hours later, at 10 pm i still felt unusually fine physically but drained mentally.

    now my question is do u think i should just abruptly stop taking it and detoxing off of it or should i taper first, or should i continue with what the doc says?

    now its 445am and i just feel a little cold and insomniac once again.

    just thinkin of the taste of "chemical orange" makes me nausiated again and if its fine id rather stay off it completely.

    if i do, what symptoms should i expect and for how long before i detox off the suboxone completely?
    or will i, by doing so, be in full withdrawal in 24-48 more hours once again?

    ps. this is my first time trying suboxone and i said to myself and my wife "either i get on suboxone n get clean or get clean on nothing" (in order to allow myself to appreciate it more)

    thanks to all for your replies.

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    ok, as i sit here waitin for a reply, its 643am now and i started getting bad stomache/digestive cramps, and it burned a lil when i urinated.
    so i decided to take like 3/7ths of a 2mg suboxone that i had for a while that crumbled over time.
    the cramps seem to have decreased a bit, but it could just be in my head.

    now i have been reading all kinds of threads the past few hours and i basically want to get off of suboxone in the most efficient quickest way possible since this is only the beginning of day 6 with .
    rather than face new challenges by prolonging what doesnt need to be prolonged as my doctor wants to drop me slowly every month.

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    As you learned when you began the suboxone too soon (and ended up in precipitated withdrawals), suboxone is not a drug to casually start -- or stop abruptly. It needs to follow a set protocol, else you end up in worse shape than had you never taken them at all.

    Immediately above your post on this forum was the suboxone thread, written by Robert325, our go-to man for suboxone therapy:

    I strongly suggest you read through Robert's instructions, then post if you have more questions. I would not stop the suboxone without tapering off them, as Robert's post explains. It will not take months to do, just read through his post.

    God bless,

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    thank you for replying.
    yes i have read roberts suboxone guide but the thing is i hadnt joined this site until i had already followed the doctors instructions of 16mg a day.
    so the real question is how to what would be the best thing for me to do now?
    take 8mg? 4mg? 1?

    i figured if i could stay off the suboxone at day 5, i havent built up much of a tolerance yet and therefor i shouldnt suffer suboxone w/ds.

    i had read before that some people only use suboxone for 2 weeks n taper off fast.

    im just not sure what to do since i had taken 16mg a day thus far.

    thank you once more for your advice.

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