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Hi to all newbie with taper questions and in need of encouragement
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    Default Hi to all newbie with taper questions and in need of encouragement

    Hi to everyone I'm new to the forums but have been lurking for a few days I have been on hydro s off and on for about 8 months. My addiction started with my second knee surgery and took off from there. I was previously addicted before this consecutive 8 months started for about 7 months but ran out of my supply and had to quit cold turkey. The first go round I didn't know wth was going on until I researched and found I was going through withdrawl. I remember how horrible it was the first go round and luckily I was on a leave from work so I pushed through some how. Got clean by force (due to no supplier) and went 4-5 months not using. Then 8 months ago I read an article about how to use and maintain and fail into the trap. Needless to say this go round I want to quit for myself I no longer have a desire to do hydrocodone but I can't take off work. So my question is how do I taper down so I can still function on a daily. I know I will have withdrawl but I want to see what do I have to do for it to be minimal. Ok here's my idea of what I was going to try. My dosage has been between 30-65mg a day and dosage sch has been usually a 12-14 hour gap between using. Example wake up take 15-20mg between 11am and 1pm some days i will take another dose 15-20 mg between 3-6pm then another dose 15-20 between 8-9pm. Now some days I will either skip the afternoon dose or push the mourning dose back to the afternoon time and only do those to doses. So as far as tapering is concerned I want to know if I alternate days and bring the dosage down over a 2-3 week period would the withdrawl be that bad? Example today I plan to take no more than 35-45mg last dose between 7-9pm go 24 hours then start another dosing same amount. Now I'm wondering should I try to drop dosage and continue to alternate days, or increase the days in between dosage and keep the same amount of dosing for a while, then drop dosage while spreading days in between . Any help would be great appreciated and thanks in advance .

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    Not sure if the w/d would be as bad, probably not. Most addicts can't taper. I never could. You are on a relatively low dose and could get through the worst in 3-5 days. Most tapers cut the dose by .25% every 3-4 days. You are wavering all over the place as far as I can see with your taper. You need to forget about how bad w/d will be. Every one is scared of the w/d and going c/t. Good luck with your taper. You should probably check out the Thomas Recipe.

    Gatorade will help with rls and hydration.
    water and pure fruit juices
    a good multivitamin and a mineral supplement with magnesium.
    Hyland's restful leg
    Immodium (loperamide is an ingredient that has an opiate base which doesn't cross the blood brain barrier)
    Melatonin for sleep, sleepy time tea STRONG.



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