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How long before becoming addicted
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    Default How long before becoming addicted

    I stumbled upon this site because I was looking for information about Morphine, Percocet and Dilaudid and found said information. Then I thought I would be nosey and check out the forum, thank God I did.

    The only times I have been on pain medication is when I am in the hospital with Kidney Stones and the medication has always been Morphine, piggy backed with Vicodin through an IV. Fourteen (14) years ago, I cracked my hip and pelvis and did not go to the doctor for three (3) months. Over the years I have destroyed both hip sockets and the lower part of my spine from the way I have walked to accommodate my damaged hips and pelvis. This past Tuesday I told my doctor I could not stand the pain any longer and wanted hip replacement surgery. She agreed but told me I would have to get into better shape to withstand the surgery. I am already behind the 8 ball so to speak because I have COPD. Therefore, between the messed up hips and spine and the COPD I am not very physically fit, my exercise regiment is walking to the bathroom, kitchen and the bedroom. A trip to the bathroom of fifteen (15) feet literally takes me five (5) minutes.

    Now that I have read the threads, I am already worried about addiction to the pain medication she gave me. I will have to go into her office every 30 days for evaluation to see if I am getting stronger and evaluation for prescription refills. She wrote me scripts for Morphine ER – 15mg every twelve (12) hours or as needed meaning if I do not need it do not take it and Percocet 325-5mg every six (6) hours or as needed. However today I called her to see if we could change the Percocet because there is something in it that is making me itch from head to toe, I assumed it was the Percocet because I have had Morphine in the hospital and did not have the itching thing going on. So, she changed the Percocet to Dilaudid 2mg every six (6) hours or as needed.

    I know everyone is different but does anyone have a general idea of how fast someone becomes addicted to Morphine and Dilaudid at those levels for thirty (30) to sixty (60) days. I have taken two (2) days worth of each and tomorrow will change over from the Percocet to the Dilaudid, the pain is by no means gone but it is at least tolerable. I certainly can now walk faster and further without having to stop every few steps. I think I can get enough strength back in thirty (30) to sixty (60) days to pass muster and get the surgery. How hard is it going to be getting off the Morphine and Dilaudid?

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    Well you in a pickle..... you need the pain meds. Yes you will become dependent but you doc can assist you when its time to come off them..... she can help you wean to make the transition easier..

    srry for you situation

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