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Hydrocodone 7.5 and dark circles around the eyes
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    Default Hydrocodone 7.5 and dark circles around the eyes

    i have been using hydrocodone for four months, around 1/2 a day - for roughly five days a week. i am beginning to develop dark circles around my eyes, i believe due to the fact that i snort the pill. has anyone else had this side effect? will it go away if i abandon my usage of the drug or change the way i take it? i am concerned because it is not a nice feature and i'm unsure how long they will take to go away, or if they will go away. is there any method to reducing the swelling or the intensity of the dark circles. would a cold compress be of any use?

    any help or information would be greatly appreciated


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    It's a pretty good sign that if we start snorting something and we suddenly start to get black circles around our eyes at the same time ... probably the two are related somehow. Especially when we are snorting something not designed to be snorted. We can snort anything pretty much. Doesn't mean we should, especially if we begin to swell and bruise. No one can tell you what will happen if you stop or don't stop snorting the hydros ... odds are it won't help your overall future too much though to continue doing what you are doing. I mean why bother snorting a hydro >> what could happen to you??? I guess I am confused.

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    Could just be that your sleep patterns are disrupted. Hydro does not make me sleepy and actually keeps me awake. If I take something for sleep with it (i.e., Valium) I can get to sleep but it is a different kind of sleep and not as restorative. If I were to continue this regimen for a few days I would also get dark circles under the eyes. BTW I do not snort hydro or the valium. Please do not take this as advise to mix hydro with valium or anything else.

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    Default could be.........

    Many different things can cause dark circles under your eyes. My guess at the reason for them is that hydrocodone and other opiates can cause dehydration, which in turn commonly causes dark circles. Dehydration is a well-known side effect of opiates and a person prescribed one is usually instructed by the prescriber and/or pharmacist to drink plenty of water. That was just my guess though, sleep patterns and the fact that snorting anything can cause major irreversible erosion in your sinus cavities are very good guesses at the cause too with the information given.

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    Default I get them also

    I get dark circles also. I do not snort the hydro. Its not dehydration in my case. I don't know why I get them.

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    Hydrocodone can and does cause dark circles to develope around your eyes!! Various reasons can be Lack of sleep, and being Dehydrated! I have been taking them for 3 months and have had the rings appear around my eyes. I am also prescribed 2Mg. Klonopin and it helps with my anxiety and to rest at night. I am currently in the process of getting off of Hydros. unfortunately i need them for my back and my feet. so i am looking into alternative medicine. I hate having to depend on a synthetic opiate to get me through my pain. good luck to you all i wish you good health. take care and God Bless you all. I know what they do to the body and its disturbing. so if you can get off of them get off them!!! and remember there is a light on the other side!!

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