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Hydromorphone(Dilaudid) Addiction
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    Default Hydromorphone(Dilaudid) Addiction

    I just found out today that I'm addicted to Dilaudid. I didn't sleep at all last night, I felt like my skin wanted to crawl right off my bones and the only way to make the feeling go away was to contort in weird angles and positions. All my muscles would tense up to try and get rid of the nervous energy. I also had a runny nose, diarhea(sp?), goosebumps, and just a crazed anxious feeling. The thing is though, I did not abuse this drug. I get severe leg pains from my disease Lupus and so I take 4 mg tabs about 3 to 4 times a day. My doctors have never mentioned this might be too high a dose or anything like that. I ran out of pills yesterday and so I stopped sort of just cold turkey (I had to wait till I could go get my prescription, and I can't drive with other conditions I have, so I have to wait for someone else to drive me). It was the most aweful thing in the world to feel. I could not sleep otherwise my skin would start to crawl off again so I spent the whole night pacing and crying to myself. I had to go into the emergency room this morning because I thought it was another one of my diseases acting up, but as soon as they gave me IV dilaudid the crazy feelings of skin crawling off went away and I felt perfect. So, my mom and I both came to the conclusion that it was withdrawls. I'm only a twenty year old female and I don't want to get addicted to this medication, does anyone have any info about this drug and it's side effects or how to ween oneself off of it without freaking out? Thanks for any advice or similar stories.

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    Hi Hydrogirl!!:You haven't been abusing the dilaudid and that's good.It is also a very good but strong opiate painkiller.The same thing would have happened if you were taking Tylenol 3 three to four times a day and then stopped.You are what the doctor would call dependent on dilaudid and not addicted.Addiction is usually associated with abuse,behaviour(mood swigs ect),agrophobia to name a few.If you are taking these pills for legitamate long term chronic pain then you have nothing to worry about as long as you don't abuse them.So do you see the differance in dependence and addiction,yes you will go through withdrawls when you suddenly stop taking the pills anyone would.Now if you've decided that you don't want to be dependent on this drug then go to your doctor and he\she can set you up with a detox plan.I'm sorry you had to go through the withdrawls and I hope you don't have to go through them again.See why most addicts can't stop,they're terrified of the withdrawls and who could blame them for that.Anyway, good luck to you and your mom.Let us know what you decide to do.....Dave

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    Sorry to hear about your dilemma. As a recovering opiate addict I know how horrible you withdrawl was/is. Dont go through the Doctors for a detox program. They dont know how nasty it can be and they will prob. just put you on suboxone which works great but you will eventualy have to withdrawl from that too which is actually a longer process then the normal 3-6 days of pian in your legs and nausea then the 10 days or so of the just feeling nasty. If you need the pain meds for your condition then you kinda just stuck but ive found many natural remedies for pain like passion flower/valirum teas which for me work great. If your going to detox i would google the thomas recipe. This worked great for me adding also alot of ensure and having the luxary of a spa. I however did not use the benzos cause i did not want a narcotic. Good luck and always remember that you can get through this. Always remeber how nasty that withdrawl was and it will help you get through day to day and hopefully you use tht to find other ways to deal with your pain.

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    Default hydromorhone angel

    I was in the hospital for 5 months, having major surgery every other week equaling 10 (then 2 more later) when physical therepy came it was so painful that they'd call up to my floor say they were on their way and then the nurses would come give me 4 mg's of diluadid in my IV. I got to where I looked forward to PT cause that meant dilaudid. They sent me home with dilaudid pills, percocet, oxycontin - i'm not sure how but I weaned myself off all the stronger meds by taking 20mg's of Lortab a few times a day. I really thought I'd be hooked cause I had it daily, sometimes more than once, but I didn;t really. Do you get any other pain meds that aren't as strong? cause maybe you could do it like I did. When I had pain, or started feeling pretty bad w/d I'd take 2 10 lortab. I think I had one prescribtion for 30 Tabs Xanex, and some ambien. I was off the dilaudid, oxy, percocet within 1 month. Or you could try suboxone - did I mention I became very addicted to the Lortab and could take up to 30 10mg a day? Suboxone is a miracle drug for me, It actually helps with my pain and I have no desire to get back on the merry go ride of obsessing about it, where to get it, where to fill it, etc. etc. I've actually had them in my hand because my mother hurt her back and I had to go get the medicine and of course it was Lortab - it didn't faze me at all. No desire at all. Now, only certain Dr.'s are allowed to prescribe it, and I don't know if it would affect your Lupus. I do know they give it to people going thru herion w/d, methedone w/d (which I hear is the worst), any narcotic w/d stops it in it's tracks. Anyway, I tend to ramble. Good luck, let me know how it goes

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