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I take 50mg of Lexapro per day, is this terriby high?
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    Default I take 50mg of Lexapro per day, is this terriby high?

    I've been on 50mg for over a year now. Haven't had any horrible reactions or anything, but after reading around, doesn't seem like anyone is taking this much. I'm 5'6" and 104lbs. ??

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    Default Wow!

    Hello Hood1980,

    Yes, 50mg's sounds like a whole hell of a lot. I am 5'2 28yrs old and started on Lexapro about 3yrs ago. I was 115lbs when i started and very tiny. I gained 15lbs on that horrible stuff. Now, I'm not try to scare u, but i'm just warning u. The original amount I started on was 10mg and gradually moved up ending at 30mgs. I have recently began to taper off because of the weight gain and insomnia problems. I had very little other side effects besides these two things, but that is enough for me to want to get off the stuff. My Dr. told me beyond 30mgs . that the dose is probabley not so effective anyhow. He is a psychiatrist specializing in addiction meds as well as anxiety/depression or dual diagnosis'. I just want to share that Lexapro weaning so far is not so easy. I dropped down from 30 to 20mgs 11days ago. Some say that is too much too fast, but not my Dr. I don't think Dr.'s know ******************** about this stuff though. We are basically guinea pigs. I am taking supplements now(vitamins and such) like Omega-3,vitamin E,etc.. to aid in getting off this stuff. I hope to be free from this drug asap. I hope this didn't scare you, i just would hate to see a Dr. continue to increase ur dose. That is extremely high!!
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