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Lexapro and memory loss
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    Default Lexapro and memory loss

    Hi all,
    Is anyone struggling with memory loss while on Lexapro? My doctor swears the Lex hadn't done it, but since I started taking it, I'm a total veg head. (I've been on for about five months.) I'll start water to wash dishes, then instantly forget the water is on. Yesterday I couldn't remember how to open my dang electric car windows! It's stuff like that, like I can no longer form short term memories of things I do on auto-pilot, but usually remember doing. And words and names elude me too. The doc added Wellbutrin, which helped with other symptoms, but I'm still a veg brain.
    He's switching me to Zoloft, which I took years ago and liked, but I was still curious about other folks' experiences. I was surprised at how vigorously he disagreed with my Lex diagnosis, even though this all started when I started Lexapro! So that made me wonder if it's something else, but the timing was so odd.
    Anyway, thank you!!!

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    I was on Lexapro for 8 yrs before being taken off of it, and never experienced any memory loss with it. But, after multiple fractures, was informed by an endocrinologist, that any SSRI, including Lexapro, actually causes microfractures to occur in bones by leeching the calcium out. I discussed this with my psychiatrist, and was taken off Lexapro, no weaning needed. You just need to work with your doctor; maybe adjusting dosage.

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