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Lexapro questions
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    Default Lexapro questions

    My friend is on Lexapro (not sure of the dose) I know he has anxiety/depression... He doesn't attend therapy, he just takes Lexapro prescribed by his GP but he his actions are very up and down and different, first when he is on the Lexapro his sex drive is very high, but he can not ejaculate, when he is off of the Lexapro he can ejaculate but his sex drive is very low. And he has personality changes, for example, he has very bad trust issues, he accuses me all the time of not loving him or cheating on him (but I think he just wants to hear me say that I only want him, that I love him, etc) but he is also irrational, can be very selfish and uncaring, mean and only cares about himself, he gets mad at me when he makes me upset, he can act like he could care less if I am happy or not, like he is so cocky and confident that it doesn't matter if I am there or not, he doesn't need me. He says he has "triple standards" meaning it's not ok for me to do something but ok for him to do the same thing... But then there are times that he is sweet and loving, acts like he is insecure and afraid of losing me, that he needs me, basically the total opposite. Could this be side effects of the medication? could it be that the medication is not working good? It is possible that he doesn't take his meds everyday so could that be it? Basically I just want some pointers on why he could be acting like this, because right now, bringing it up to him would not be the best until I understand whats going on.

    thank you

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    He needs to see his doctor. Lexapro is a drug prescribed for depression and anxiety and you have to take it everyday to keep a steady level of the drug in your system. There may be something else going on. Is he taking any other drugs with the lexapro?

    Good Luck, someone with more experience with Lexapro should be able to help you.



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