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Lyrica - Can my dose cause this experience & withdrawal?
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    Default Lyrica - Can my dose cause this experience & withdrawal?

    Hi all!

    I was prescribed 75mg of lyrica, once at night daily for 3 weeks by my doctor for a neck pain along with 5mg of paroxetine once at night(continuing from a previous prescription). During that time, I had the most awful experience of my life. I woke up one morning feeling this bodily angst, feeling sensitive all over and mental anguish. At that time, I just wanted someone to help me go to sleep. I somehow made it through and came out feeling exhausted later that day! I continued on with the meds and went back to my doctor at the end of the 3 week period explaining to the doc that I had this experience. The doctor said that it couldn't be the pregabalin but an anxiety disorder from before. I was asked to stop pregabalin for a week but till then I had enough and simply didn't continue it. However, something has happened to me since and I have been waking up almost everyday with IBS flare ups,headaches and crying. Sometimes I feel tired the whole day and sometimes it gets better after crying in the morning. I usually tend to get better over the day and am getting better but its still happening in the mornings. I am seeing another GP now who is helping me to stabilise however the GP says that this experience couldn't be because of the pregabalin,even though lyrica's official website said it may increase anxiety. The GP says its because of an anxiety disorder.

    So firstly, I would like to ask the more informed people here whether such a small and short dose of pregabalin can cause such a reaction? Can you please cite your source for your information?

    And secondly, do I need to taper myself off this dose or is it too short and small to bother? Please cite your source for information here as well.


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