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Methadone drug interations.
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    Question Methadone drug interations.

    Hi, ive been in a methadone maintinence program for opiate dependence for a little over 2 years now, my regular doctor has changed my medications and ive done some research on the internet and have gotten conflicting information so i need a little help. I was on aloprazolam/xanax 1mg 4 times a day and lexapro and now im taking seroquel 200mg twice daily and buspar/buspirone? 15mg i think 3 times a day i havent started that one yet,and i had to stop the lexapro because it started making me break out in hives and turn real red and hot and caused chest pains. I also had to stop the xanax because i guess its dangerous to mix benzos and opiates from what my regular doc and the methadone doc have told me, but what they havent told me is how methadone mixs with seroquel, and buspar/busiprone on some websites ive seen that mixing it with seroquel can cause rapid heart rate,hypertension,high blood pressure(which i already suffer from)abnormal heart rate(which i also suffer from) and even sudden death. Also im taking lisinopril10 mg once a day for bloodpressure, Soma/carisoprodol350mg 3 times a day, Combuvent Abuterol inhaler, and Advair Inhaler. My methadone is 220mg methadone Liquid taken once daily in the morning. Can anyone help me out? also what are the long term risks of taking methadone and are there any effects on the liver or kidneys? Thank you much!!
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    sorry i posted this in the wrong forum its now in the correct one,

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    You need to see a doctor. No one is going to touch the drugs interactions possibilities of all these drugs. You are on a crazy amount of meds. Notice I said a doctor, meaning ONE and lay everything out. You are all over the place with some serious medications. Why are you on methadone?



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