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Mixing citalopram and lorazepam
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    Default Mixing citalopram and lorazepam

    My doctor just prescribed me Citalopram (CeleXA) for my anxiety and Lorazepam (Ativan) for sleeping. I took both of them last night at the same time and i went to be. All night long i was up and down. I could not stay asleep for nothing. I couldnt get comfortable so i keeped moving to. This is the first time this has happen so im wondering is this could be a side effect of one of them or a combination of both? The lorazepam is suppose to help me sleep but last night was the worse i have ever slept.

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    That is odd. Maybe you were nervous about taking both together? I have been taking Citalopram for 10 years and I take Lorazepam with it when I need to and it always makes me soooo relaxed and sleepy. I take them at night. I know if I am nervous about drug interactions, it doesn't matter what I do, I can't sleep.

    Hopefully it gets better for you.

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