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More anxiety/distraction after upping from 150mg to 300mg Wellbutrin
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    Default More anxiety/distraction after upping from 150mg to 300mg Wellbutrin

    Hello all,

    Yesterday my psych told me I can higher the dosage of my Wellbutrin intake from 150mg to 300 mg.
    150mg did have some positive effects, but not as much as wanted.

    So I'm 1 day on 300mg now and my concentration isn't better, but worse than with the 150mg dosage.

    I know it takes some time to kick in, but is this also common with upping the dosage?

    For your information: It's my third week on Wellbutrin.

    I'm looking forward to your reactions!

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    Hi there,

    I am a residential Psychiatrist specializing in older adults Psychiatry but I am here today to assist.

    I will try my best to help you with you.

    Lots of people complain about Wellbutrin and anxiety related side effects. My first thought is to combine it with an SSRI. It also seems like everyone is put on the XL long acting medicines. I would tend toward the SR for a more reliable release. Just a thought. I was reading about how some generic XL's may not have a stable release rate.
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