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My First Day on Suboxone and I Need A Plan
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    Default My First Day on Suboxone and I Need A Plan

    Hi everybody,

    I have been on prescribed pain pills for the past 5 years for ruptured disks in my back after a car accident. Started with Norcos, they didn't do much for my pain after a year or so. Next thing i know the Baylor Pain Center changed my meds to 300 mg a day of oxycodone/oxycontin. Pretty high dose to start on but I do remember those euphoric highs came quick. I rarely abused or even came close to taking that much a day. I would hand them out like party favors. Fast forward 2 years I have a new baby and a bipolar sister causing all sorts of trouble I had to take care of. That's when I started taking my prescribed dose and more just to deal with anxiety and the stressors. Take about 500-600 mg daily of oxy and bad things started happening....constant withdrawals, lying to my awesome husband, not wanting to go to work eventhough I had worked so hard to get to where I was...a nurse practitioner. Just lost that job and possibly my career because I sleptwalked at work. Funny thing is I wasn't even on any drugs when it happened.I never took my oxy while I worked 24 hr shifts Urine test positive for opioids and amphetamines. I still don't understand the amphetamines because I do not do those. Had to have been a false positive from the mixture of the meds in my system...if anyone knows the answer to that please let me know. I was on oxycontin/oxycodone/cymbalta/ambien/allegra/methyldopa/labetelol. Trying to get of the oxy. I have tried cold turkey and only lasted 10 days until my next refill was ready. So last week I go to Baylor Pain Center and tell them I want off and they said it needs to be done in a 6 month taper,,hahahaha. That never works for me or my poor husband (A.K.A my pill holder) who gives in to me and lets me have another. My husband also gave me until December to get my act together or he wanted to separate and take our beautiful 14 month son with him. So here I am they wrote me a script of suboxone 8-2 strips 3 times a day. I am glad I read up on it myself because that dose for a whole month seems pretty strong from what i've been researching for weeks. So I need a plan from people who have experienced suboxone. I don't want to be on a long maintenance plan but I need help with that mental insanity that comes around 7-10days when withdrawing from oxy. I took my last oxycodone Friday morning and started Suboxone around noon today. I took 3 strips ( too many I have since read) so whats a good plan for me
    Thanks for listening
    Dallas, TX
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    Hi, Catalina: I suggest you post to the suboxone forum. Good couple of people there (Alexnt and Kat) who can help you through this. 24mg. of suboxone is way way too much and no way do you want to be on that much for a month. Many docs do not realize just how strong suboxone is. My advice would be to try to go to 6mg. for today and see how you go. It may take a few days to completely stabilize on a dose. If you need to cut the subs, you can google it and go to a Harry Smooth video that shows how to cut suboxone. On the Suboxone board, you will find Robert_325's taper plan, if you haven't already. The good thing about this plan is that you should be off in around 8 weeks or so. Welcome to the boards: but do post on the suboxone forum. Post how you are doing!!!


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    Hi there.
    Just a quick note and will be back later
    I hope you will follow up on what Rose said above the taper plan of Roberts has worked for many many people.
    In the suboxone treatment board many of us are tapering together and Kat & Alex are walking us through it!
    Ironically we all have a lot of the same issues and it helps to have support
    Lots of education there too.
    Take care
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