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My nuvigil stopped working after only 5 days! Whats going on?
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    Unhappy My nuvigil stopped working after only 5 days! Whats going on?

    I am so bummed out I can't take stimulants for severe exhaustion due to major depression because I became heavily addicted to them therefore my doctor tried me on Strattera and initally that worked ok but it would work in am for 2hrs. and then I could feel no wakefulness from it and now she added Nuvigil to the Strattera and I started take 150mg of Nuvigil and it worked amazingly well but by day 5 it started to fizzle out so she upped it Friday to 250mg and now since the increase it doesn't work at all I am so bummed out I don't know where we can go from here since I can't take any stimulants....anyone have advice or experience and/or know of other nonstimulant medications for wakefulness?
    Jenn Rombalski

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    Name the other stimulants you have tried; the ones you say you became addicted to.

    I have to cope with excessive daytime sleepiness from Depression & Anxiety, and I tried Nuvigil for a couple months recently. It is good but very expensive if your insurance doesn't cover it. I now take generic Dexedrine and find that it works better than Nuvigil and is very cheap even without insurance.

    Also, are you currently on any Antidepressants ? I am taking Effexor & Wellbutrin (generics) and they are known to be among the more stimulating AD's.

    There are always multiple routes of working at fixing a complication. It just takes time and effort.

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