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Are my side effects while taking ADHD medication 'normal?
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    Default Are my side effects while taking ADHD medication 'normal?

    Hi guys,

    I wrote a whole synopsis earlier, but it must not of posted. I have been on anti depressants for 5 years or more to help with depression. I recently started Pristiq and felt incredible. Not only did it combat my depression it made me feel like my old self again: overly excited about the little things, happy, positive attitude, more social, and alert. After about six weeks I was back to feeling incredibly fatigued and apathetic. In the mean time I have had a sleep study done, biopsy on some lymph nodes completed, and seen several specialist to help figure out why I am chronically fatigued.

    I finally went to go see a psychiatrist for some more suggestions of anti depressants. After a 90 minute conversation/evaluation I left with a prescription for Concerta after being diagnosed with ADHD. That was four days ago.

    I have known for a while I probably needed to get some help for it, being that I am a text book example. So far it has been really helpful, but I am not exactly sure how I should be feeling.

    I feel like I did when I first started taking the Pristiq (which is a SNRI): excited, elated, more energy, I find things more amusing, much better patience, much less fatigue. I also feel slightly more focused with less bouncing thoughts which I didn't have on the Pristiq. By no means do I feel like the euphoria of cocaine or other abused stimulants. I am only on 36 mg.

    I know the main objective is to help maintain my focus, but I definitely do not feel as though I could sit down and read my Physics book for 8 hours straight. Is it normal to feel slight elation and well being?

    I would be greatly interested in hearing your experiences and thoughts. I will also tell my doctor everything in two weeks, but please remember it's only been 4 days. Thanks so much for reading this long note!

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    Hmmm I thought someone might have some insight. I will try posting this else where to see if I can get a response. Thanks!

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    What ADHD med where you on?

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    Hi I'm currently on Adderall -generic 40mg. day, but I've never felt anything but a little more focused My situation is somewhat similar but its been almost 18yrs., thyroid size of a lime but not malignant, 3 times holes in eyelids etc...etc... I have not been on either of the meds you mentioned. I wish I could find a medication to make me feel good, but I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia /chonic fatique syndrome blah blah.... sorry am not good w/typing and no longer have a secretary. I'm new to this site, I was looking for insite also.

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