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My story on Adderall XR and Lexapro.
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    Default My story on Adderall XR and Lexapro.

    I'm 19 and when I was around 7-8 I was diagnosed with ADHD. Taking medication for a year or two after my diagnosis, I was taken off it. Now, having always had problems at school with being socially accepted, I never found my place. Before my senior year, I decided to change things. First, I Tested again for ADHD, and came back positive. My doctor started me on Adderall XR 5 mg. After each month I went from 5 ,10, and then 15 mg. I recall some social withdrawal. After some time, I told my doctor about what I thought about myself; that I thought I had a social issue. She told me there was medication for that. I was excited for a moment. She told me it would change things though, and would have to stick to it. Plunging forward, I was introduced to Lexapro. My psychiatrist started me on Lexapro 20mg and I felt great. At the time, I was on 15mg of Adderall and 20mg of Lexapro. After I while, I ran out of Lexapro and just didn't fill it. It felt terrible being off it, and I didn't want people to ask or know about it. No one but my parents knew that I was on anything. My Grandfather was the first to speak about it. he noticed that there was something different about me. I lied to him, but on one of my visits, he came and mentioned it to a therapist that I went to during that time. Note that I had a psychiatrist and a therapist to talk to during that time. I was kind of mad that he went, because I didn't want people to know. He cared though, and I knew it. I went back on the lexapro, I didn't mention to my doctor the time I went off it. When school came around, I was interested in seeing how well it would help me socially. If you consider it weird for a kid to get excited about school started, then I'll try to keep it to myself. I was excited. There is something great about seeing familiar faces after being isolated during the summer. Hopefully people would recognize the change in me. It didn't work out like I had thought. I wasn't the most popular person, but I was less anxous, but at the same time I didn't do much to associate myself with people. After a while at school with little social success, I decided to get off. That's when things went severely downhill. The main fear now was people seeing my in a depressed mood. I asked myself, "My grandfather saw it, so would anyone else see it?". I was mad that I even started lexapro. It complicated my life. During that period I also changed from Adderall XR to concerta because of my insurance. After a few months, I finally managed to get them to cover it. Now, my old psychiatrist retired whom was a very brilliant psychiatrist. She received her degrees from Harvard in psychopharmacology(study of brain altering drugs?), as well as child psychiatry. I was very upset that she switched me to a different doctor, but she was retiring, so she now takes fewer patients. I'm stuck with the 6 year state degree nurse who specializes in psychiatry. In end, I wanted to just explain where I'm at now. I'm on 20 mg of Aderall and 20 of Lexapro. I just don't know what to decide as far as what is best. I have been having these terrible head feelings. For months. The last 8 months. I've been on and off the medication. It does not seem to have much of an effect and I'm worried about not knowing what it is. I'm not sure if I'm confused and depressed or it's something else. But I do know that my head litterally spasms. It's like I feel the movement through my ears and both sides of my head. I know this sounds completely strange, and I've mentioned it to my psychiatrist. Closest thing I could resemble the feeling of it to is depression. It's just the worst state of mind and I want to get out of it. I'm just hoping that I will return to a positive state of mind and I feel like I've tried everything. My current doctor thinks I have depression and just throws up her hands. My previous doctor would know exactly what's going on if I explained it. I just feel bad. Now, I'm writing too much and I just wanted everyone to know that things are getting better. Today I slept in till 1 pm and decided it was best not to take my adderall or lexapro today. I've been feeling very good today, and after my doctor visit today, she thinks that it's not best to go down my lexapro since she see's depression. I've been the happiest person on earth. Never had depression symptoms until I started lexapro. I might see if I can talk with my previous doctor.

    Anyways, thank you for anyone who can relate with Adderall and Lexapro stories and your thoughts on this would be fantastic.

    Is it just me or is this word wrap terribly short?
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    Don't mean to double post, but I'm considering stopping both drugs right now since I feel so great today without them. But, I will continue my normal dose, until I really think that I will not have a ton of symptoms from stopping it. I mean, I have no issues before I started the drug. No reason to have them now that I want to stop them. But, for how long should symptoms last if I just stopped?

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