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Need help asap
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    Default Need help asap

    Guys I need help ASAP.

    Ive read this site quite a few times but im not really a lurker, everytime I landed here it was through google, always great info so I figured I'd ask for help here.

    I had kidney/bladder/ball pain and after all kinds of CT scans and 6 doctors (4 were in the ER) they found it was epididymitis, gave me avelox and most of the symptoms are gone but the pain in my balls remains, the doctor refused to renew my script of oxycodone, telling me to "just take IB profin" well its not cutting it, I need to take it because im still imflamd, but I need something stronger because this HURT like hell.

    so heres my question, do any of you have an idea of how to kill this pain (other then warm baths, Ice packs)?

    and if not does anyone know if any of the mexican/canada places online that sell oxy are legit? im sure 90% are BS but im desperate as all hell.

    Thank you

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    My husband had the same thing and his pain was so bad he couldnt even walk. He refuses to take strong pain meds so he took 800mg of ibprofun 2 times a day and he said it worked for him but since u already take something strong the Ibprofun might not work for u but it should take the edge off....sorry i cant be any help and as for the Oxy I am a recovering opiate addict and alot of people on this forum are so i doubt anybody would be of any help in that direction. Good luck and i hope u feel better soon!!!!

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