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Need help getting off Suboxone ...
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    Default Need help getting off Suboxone ...


    I'm getting ready to take the plunge off of suboxone. I welcome any feedback or advice. I'll try to give a detailed description of my history as well as a log of progress. I've read many, admittedly, not all of the postings here regarding sub. withdrawal. Anyway, Here it goes ...

    General History:

    My opiate usage started about 8 years ago with vics, percs, when available. Mostly weekend use, binging mostly. My real problem developed when I began using Vicodan (sp?) daily. I eventually needed 10/10's a day to get through work. I started using dope, oxy's, roxis, percs, fentenyl regularly until I was either doing a bundle a day or eating a 10mc/gr(sp?) patch of fen. a day. This level of use went on for several years. Theres been several detoxes and treatments through the course of the past 8 years.

    Recent past:

    My last detox was 2 1/2 years ago. I was admitted to an inpatient detox for a week and received a tapering dose of methadone which was very effective! The problem was when I left detox I went through hard withdrawal. ( puking in the AM after very lite, sweaty sleep, agonizing anxiety with constant diariah). I eventually got into outpatient treatment which seemed forever. I started seeing a psychiatrist which started me on Suboxone which I've always refused in the past. I didn't want to prolong the inevitable. Had I read these post then, I might of refused! I do need to say that Suboxone relieved me of my withdrawal and desire to use. She ramped me up to 32 mgs a day which was more than enough, but being an addict, I'd take what I could get and use enough to get by and save the rest which is what I did. I quickly tapered myself down to 8 mgs a day. I lost my insurance and therefore lost my prescription about a year ago. I tapered down to 2 doses of 2mgs aday when that happened. I ran out of my squirraled away stock 6 months ago and started buying on the street while maintaining my 4 mgs/ day. So I've been maintaining at 4 mg/ day for the past yr without treatment. I've ran out on occassions for a day or 2 and the experience is terrifying so I've made it a primary goal to not let this happen. I've experienced all out withdrawal on several occasions and it's like being on deaths rotisserie. Not pleasant at all. I've recently been considering Kratom and some other natural herbs. I suspect that they wont work for me.


    There's been alot of info on here about suboxone withdrawal, but much of which either doesn't seem to be the same degree as me or the info is from ppl that are theorizing and have zero experience. Don't get me wrong, I welcome all feedback, but I could really use some real time experience as to what to expect and what I need to do to taper from 4 mgs/ day. I'm actually terrified, but I'm ready and really need to do this. I need to reach a point of zero intake suboxone.


    All advise and feedback regarding suboxone withdrawal or Kratom substitute for withdrawal are welcome. When I feel comfortable about the procedure I'm going to take I'm going to maintain a daily log here.

    Thanks in advance for at least reading my post.

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    Go to featured drugs. There is a sticky that details a plan to get off sub. Many on here have used it with great success. Many have histories just like yours also. Read the sticky first then postt again and I'm sure you'll get some feedback. I am also a long time sub user so not qualified to talk about getting off as I've not reached that point yet but I have managed to taper myself down to less than 1 mg. 1x per day (.5 to be exact.)

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