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Need help with a taper plan for Suboxone.
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    Default Need help with a taper plan for Suboxone.

    I have been taking 4 mgs for almost 5 years. On top of that I was addicted to Xanax, have been off of that for 20 months.

    The reason I waited so long to get off Subs was because of the Xanax withdrawal. It was (and really still is) an absolute nightmare. I still have some symptoms. I still have palpitations at night and my stress response is more severe then it was prior to Benzo use.

    Anyway I've finally decided to drop subs.

    I tapered from Benzo's over 3 months and that was way too fast. I'm not making that mistake again. I did quit smoking cold turkey that worked out for me. But I don't want to do this too fast.

    I was thinking.... well 3 different options have come to mind.

    1) Do what my Dr said. Drop 1 mg at a time. Either 1 or 2 weeks apart.

    2) Do the way I think I should do it. Which is drop about 5% of the doze at a time. Wait about a week. See how I feel. If I'm fine do another 5%. All the way to 100%.

    3) Don't do it linearly. So instead of just dropping from 4 mgs a day to 3mgs a day. I would say do this
    Monday: 4mg
    Tuesday: 3mg
    Wednesday: 4mg
    Thursday: 3mg
    rest of week 4mg
    Then next week add 2 days. Until I'm at 3. Then do the same exact thing.
    M: 4 T: 3 W: 4: T: 3 F: 3 S: 4 S: 3
    Week after that it's 3 mg all week.

    So the point is you get to go up a doze every now and then to give yourself a time out. But you're consistently tapering down overall amount of drug in the body (due to very long half life)

    At one point you get to
    Monday: 1mg
    Tuesday: 0mg
    0mg forever..........
    Thats the last week.


    Anyway those are my ideas. I am very interested to hear from you guys. What do you think is the best approach.

    I have no girlfriend No life All because of Benzo withdrawal and I guess to a degree some Suboxone tolerance withdrawal.

    I can't go through another hellish nightmare like I did with Benzo's. I can handle some pain but I don't want to this to be an excercize in how much torture I can take.

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    I have only a minute..
    There is a sticky on top of suboxone board on here.
    Called Suboxone therapy ..
    Skip the induction part and go to tapering.

    Tomorrow is my last day to dose on this taper..
    Many many have successfully used that taper including me..
    Drop 25% every 4 days or when stable ..
    Stable meaning little to no withdrawal..

    Then skip days..

    I just skipped 4 days and will take my last dose in the am.
    It is 0.125
    1/8 mg

    Almost painless..
    It could take you longer to stabilize than 4 days..

    But that is the key to success being stable before dropping ..
    Some others will come to help you .
    Please check out the thread..
    I will check back tomorrow.
    We will help you ..
    It can be done..
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    Thank you thank you!! for replying

    Honestly 25% every 4 days is probably way too fast for me. I've been on them for almost 5 years. I doubt my body can adjust that quickly.

    I mean I can try........ but I don't really want to start a torture fest.

    theoretically since I'm at 4 mgs I could be done in 12 days. And yeah I got the "until you are stable part". That is probably the key to it all.

    The problem with me is I have really strong will power. It's so strong that I have to watch myself. I'll put myself in a really >>>>ty bind and then force myself to stay in it like I did with Benzo withdrawal. So I don't want to plan a very fast taper, because if it's too fast I'll force myself to stick with it. I don't want to give myself protracted symptoms by tapering too fast like I did with Benzo's..

    Nevertheless today was Day #1

    Usual Doze = 4mg
    Today = 3.5mg

    Not quite 25%. But considering I wasn't planning on starting until Monday, not a bad way to test the waters.
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    I said 4 days or until stable..
    A few people on here have taken a week or 2 on each drop..
    Stable means little to no withdrawals.
    That is the most important part..
    I took 6 months to taper after only being on them for 3 months..
    It is a process but it can be done..
    Did u see the sticky?
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