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need hydrocodone info
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    Default need hydrocodone info

    I've been having severe stomach pain and was given hydrocodone 15 mg. I usually take like two norco when I'm having pain issues. I've taken percocet before but not for a while. I just don't want to take something that is going to be too strong and make me feel funny. Can I get any insight or opinions please?

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    If you're pain is not too bad I would ask for tramadol but highly addictive if you don't take it correctly but unfortunately I have had just about every painpill there is and eventually I stopped all pain meds and use a light sedative.If you can live with a little pain smoking a joint and taking a kolonipin or valium will take away your pain in a safer method.But I don't have issues with those two thingsI wish I knew now that pain meds are poisen if not used right.I hope I helpedI'm not preaching I promise.just gentle advice.People will argue that sedatives are addictive but not so much.If you need heavy pain meds then get something that has less Tylenol and aspirin in it.such as Norco 10/200 or Percocet 15/325 good luck friend :-)
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