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New doctor, changed meds withdrawal help
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    Default New doctor, changed meds withdrawal help

    Please help me. I have complex PTSD. Since 2007 it has been one med after another and different therapists. A year and a half ago I had an upper respiratory infection. I also have cold. It took forever to get in to see the doctor and for 3 months he just kept giving me antibiotics that weren't working. A friend offered me some pain pills called dulotid? They were wonderful. Unfortunately I ended up with respiratory failure from sepsis and severe pneumonia. While in the hospital flashbacks, panic and all the other fun symptoms went full force. My doctor recommended I gget a 2nd opinion of my psych meds. I am on ssi so I was going through the county. I decided to pay out of pocket to see what I thought was a better doctor. I was weak and miserable soon out of the hospital when I saw her. Because it took the pain meds she started me on suboxone and some antidepressant and clonazepam 1mg 2 xs a day. The suboxone I was to just start the following evening. I can't believe how sick I was. I have always been sensitive to med changes. When I called the office I was ttold it would eventually subside. And thank God it did. I could on!y afford to see her once a month so she had me on 12 MG's 2xs a day. I started feeling better but my psych symptoms not so much. So each month she would change those meds but keep steady on suboxone. I was trying to find a therapist with my insurance and having a rotten day. So I went to a crisis center and ended up 5150. The hospital experience was horrible. I got an advocate and left aka 6 days later . I found an amazing therapist who hooked me up with a therapist doing emdr weekly and found a program to see a doctor that took my insurance and was a tramua guy. Since the pysch hospital about 3 months ago. Its been real bad. So 3 weeks ago I stopped seeing the expensive dochead...and saw the new doctor. He does not do suboxone and dropped my 60 clonazepam to 15 per month my ambient went from 10 mg to 5 mg with 400mg seroquel and 200 mg Zoloft. I was told to taper off the suboxone and look on the internet on how to taper. I only had 17 suboxone left. Bottom line I stopped the suboxone 8 days ago and I'm out of clonazepam. My therapists have been wonderfully supportive. I am still throwing up and diarea sweaty crazy in my head. My daughter has come home to help. Please tell me there is a light at the end of this tunnel??? I was supposed to see my new psych after two weeks but they had to reschedule me...2 months out! My patient service guy can't return my calls. I can't sleep much. I'm assuming this is withdrawal. Please tell me how long this will last?? I'm sorry this is so long. Any suggestions? I'm really just not doing well...thank you

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    Default Not sure if it helps, but here you go my friend...

    [deleted - swearing]
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    Hi Deb!

    There IS a light at the end of this hellish undeserved tunnel & YOU'LL MAKE IT!

    Quite the rollercoaster you're experiencing. Last year I was in the hospital for sepsis as well, so i'm glad to hear you're alive and some what "well!" :P

    I can sympathyze with your doctor reducing your medication and fully understand the struggles of withdrawals..
    But it's for the best! All of those medications will only create further issues down the road that i'm sure you're already beginning to notice.

    If your anxiety and withdrawals become too much for you to bare, I suggest you look into Kratom! It has been a miracle for me getting off of opiates and has eleminated my anxiety/withdrawals during the process.

    If it's something you'd like to learn more about i'd be happy to help! It's a non prescribed herb that can be obtained at mainly local stores in town.

    Best of luck, you WILL MAKE IT! <3

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