Hey All,
I have suffered from depression and GAD for years now.
I have always just tried to "deal" with my symptoms until I started experiencing panic attacks. That is what made me reach the point of seeking treatment by medication.
I was prescribed Lexapro by my doctor. 5mg, once a day, for the first week, then increase to 10mg. I was scared >>>>less to take this medication as I'm not a huge fan of medicine. Just knowing the possible side effects gives me a panic attack!!
Well, needless to say...Today will be my 6th day on it and I have experienced some side effects, but they don't seem to be that bad ("Knock on wood"). I've had some nausea, headaches, blurry vision, drowsiness and one >>>>>> night of insomnia. But, I'm hoping that my Doc and other people are right when saying that if you get past these side effects, it'll all be worth it. I'm just praying that they actually do subside...

Looking for other people's experiences with Lexapro. Please keep positivity in mind