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New Opana another sad story.
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    Angry New Opana another sad story.

    Hi Everyone,

    When will these drug companies stop fixing what is not broken? My husband was taking Oxy 80 for close to 10 years and Perdue has to screw with the formula and for him hardly any pain relief. So we find Opana not all of the pain is gone but its better than the 80's. He gets his script filled today and Endo has made a mess out of Opana. He still has pain, his feet are burning. What is out there? He also has the patches. I need some advise.

    Thank You

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    I switched from Opana to the Fentanyl patches BEFORE they put those new ?????? pills in my bottle and I like the Fentanyl better than I did the original formulation of Opana. The patches don't cause any constipation and the pain relief is more consistent. If he has the patches and if they are effective for him, have him talk to his doctor about going back to the Fentanyl patches. Good luck and I hope he feels better!


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