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One SSRI >> another
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    Default One SSRI >> another

    As a first line of treatment for my depression my doctor prescribed me Zoloft. I did not like this drug at all. Within a few weeks of taking it I was sleeping 12-14 hours a day and still waking tired, and feeling tired all day long. If anything this worsened my depression. She next tried Wellbutrin. This did give me more energy and improved my mood but unfortunately it makes me feel hungover most of the time. She now has me started on Prozac. Since it is in the same class as Zoloft I am a bit skeptical as to whether it will do anything for me - I did take the Zoloft for a full month and felt zero mood improvement. Has anyone else had success with one SSRI where others have failed?

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    Yes, I definitely had different results with different SSRIs. I'm not sure how it works that similar drugs can have such different effects, but that was certainly my experience. I felt like my brain was going to explode on Effexor; it gave me bad anxiety. Prozac, on the other hand, was great for me.

    I think some of these SSRIs have an effect on more than just serotonin; some have effects on other brain chemicals as well, in differing degrees. So some meds work better than others for different individuals.

    My doctor also combined a few different meds at times, putting me on an SSRI and Wellbutrin at the same time, which really helped me.

    I hope you can find something that helps you!

    Take care,

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    Yes absolutely. It usually takes some trial,and error to find the right one and moreover it takes months to achieve correct levels for therapeutic value in your bloodstream.

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    Lightbulb Stay off Antidepressants if possible

    My recommendation is to stay away from zoloft, effexor xr, paxil. They have the highest incidents of withdrawal syndrome that for some, lasts weeks to months. Look up "brain zaps" on Wikipedia so that you are fully informed about antidepressant withdrawal, or as the pharm co has named it " SSIR discontinuation syndrome. I know from recent experience. My Dr took a week to refill my rx of 150 mg of Effexor XR and it was a horrible!! I am now tapering off because I NEVER want to go through it again. Good luck to you in your journey. Be your own advocate when it comes to your health and do not take a passive role.

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    I was just prescribed 75mg of Effexor and haven't started it yet as I have been reading some horrific tales of w/d if and when I and/or my doc. decide I need to come off. I was on Celexa 40mg a day for a couple years and have been off that for 3 months now. My problem isn't depression so much as sever panic attacks and heavy anxiety. I have been using Klonopin 2mg pills as needed when an attack hits, but that has been about 50% effective and I have two doc's telling me that they think 75mg of Effexor will take care of these attacks. I would like to be advised as to whether I should even bother starting Effexor therapy? It sound like I should be ready to make a life long commitment to this or not bother, right? What are other people's opinions? Please help....thank you.

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