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Please help me tramadol/diazapam
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    Default Please help me tramadol/diazapam

    i will try and keep this 60 year old female who has many health registered lovey family around question is although i have had panic attacks on and off since 1983,about 6 times a year and only last about 15 mins.on NEW YEARS DAY i had such a bad attack which lasted from 11.00am-2pm,i was climbing and thumping walls pacing around the house inside and out.but by 11.30 i had to get my son to call the paramedics out they arrived 12.30 and left 2pm.done all sorts of test and took blood,they confirmed it that it was a panic attack.a few days before it all kicked off my hubby and myself had babysat for 2 of our grandchildren and when we got home my seatbelt was a little bit stuck 1st panic in after i was in the car with my other granddaughter taking her to see a panto and i had to call at halfords to get them to take off my safety clip from seatbelt.i found that if i pulled the seatbelt slowly all the way out i could slip it over my body.NO MORE PANICS great.i had been taking 2x50mg of tramadol 2days on 1 day off.wondered if this "PANIC"was due to on off pill.weds /thurs up at 6.30am still feeling anxious althrough day/night.friday went to see partner of my gp she gave me a 100mg slow release tramadol and diazapam.took diazapam at 8pm and sr tramadol at 11pm.went to bed but NEVER shut my eyes once to frighted up 5am and rang out of hour gp told to take another diazapam.calm myself down a little we went for a 15 min drive.still anxious but started to get worse 6ish think it was getting near to bed time.took another diazapam 7.35pm little walk out side for 10 mins.bed 11.30 and fell asleep midnight till 3am needed the toilet.then had to get up and go down staires.once more rang out of hours took dizapam at 6am,went for another drive.i am going back to takeing 1 50mg every day.they made me appointment to see my gp on monday 9am.i will come off the tramadol and put up with the pain in my feet rather than suffer these attacks.going back to the question was it not taking tramadol regular or the seatbelt causeing my sorrrrrry to be long winded thanks jean x

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    Could be going on and off the tramodol. The slow release tramadol may not be putting enough in your blood >>>>>>. Also, another thing, have you had your thyroid checked? My sister went undiagnosed for years and on and off meds (she's very sensitive to meds). She had panic attacks so I know how they are: nothing you can control, just over the edge. I suppose panic attacks periodically could just be something you're prone to. I'd avoid the valium unless you've been taking a benzo drug for a long time. Be careful if you're going off of tramadol. Tell your gp you want something non-addictive for your pain.



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    Hi Jean, I'm sorry to hear you're having such a hard time. I strongly believe your panic struggles are related to seratonin issues. Tramadol has it's own serotonergic activity, which means it acts on the seratonin in your brain. Going on and off of it is probably not a good idea. Also, I think the Diazepam is causing you some problems. Long term use of anything in the Benzodiazepine category can cause a lot of adverse reactions. Are you on any anti-depressants?

    The seatbelt issue is just a trigger. There is something else going on and it's probably related to brain chemistry. Good luck to you.

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